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About Todoist

A comprehensive to-do list app, Todoist lets you create reminders, goals, habit trackers, projects, and more. The app is primarily focused on tracking these tasks and checking them off, but you also view these tasks in a daily agenda format.

Todoist is available to download for free on iOS, Android, and Mac devices.

Todoist Review

Todoist is a task management and todo app with not only a great and easy to use interface but already supports pretty much any platform you might find yourself on. With support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows, and many browsers, it's one of the best options for platform hoppers. If you're looking for the best planner app, one that works on all your devices, has great features for monitoring your productivity, and lets you geek out on organizing everything you have to do, Todoist is for you.

It's very easy for management to add tasks under jobs for the crew to complete and add them to the job. It's really easy for people to just be able to check off blocks on their cell phone and see positive progress on their overall assignments for the week as they accomplish them. It's also very easy for management to see when someone isn't finishing tasks and is seeming to get bogged down so we can check in. It's very helpful!

With Todoist's intelligent input, you can add due dates, labels, and priorities into the input field as you create a task. Todoist will automatically find and categorize all details for you. Todoist will also recognize start and end dates for you.

You'll be able to more quickly add tasks. You can tap the red circle in any task view or project, or pinch apart two tasks to insert a new one into the middle of a list. You can also interact with and edit multiple tasks at the same time. Multiple tasks can be completed at once, change due dates, delegate to a team member, and more.

Is Todoist free?

Todoist is completely free to use. When you need higher project limits or additional features like reminders, you can always upgrade to the Pro or Business plan.

Can you download Todoist?

You can download Todoist on your iOS, Android and Windows devices. Everything stays in sync and accessible across every platform so you’ll never lose track of anything.

How much does Todoist cost?

Todoist has three tiers of service: Free, Pro costs $4 per month ($36 per annum), and Business costs $6 per month ($60 per person per year). The company gives discounts to people in education and at nonprofits.

Is Todoist safe?

Yes, as all user data­­ including project names, task names, comments, uploaded files, account information, and payment information­­ are sent using industry best practices.

Todoist Integrations

You'll be able to connect to Evernote, Google Calendar and GitHub, allowing you to synchronize notes, tasks and photos to and from Evernote. Google Calendar will let you make changes to tasks with 2-way sync, and view them with due dates on calendar views. Finally, with the GitHub integration, you'll be assigning said list entries to other people and turning issues into tasks.

While there are tons of task management and todo apps out there, there aren't very many that give users the ability to jump between virtually any browser or desktop platform and have access to all their tasks. Todoist also offers a premium version for $29/year which gives you access to enhanced features including note and file attachments, better label systems, email tasks, and more.

Todoist is a great to-do-list app with which you can manage all your important tasks and sync them to all your devices, so you never miss an important event. Todoist is a great app for either personal use or work use, individually or as a group. Todoist is a collaborative tool that lets you add as many people to your projects as you want, and assign different tasks to each of them, increasing productivity.

Well, Todoist is a life planning app that helps you get everything out of your head and written down. It lets you add tasks, categorize, and prioritize.

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