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Todo Telling Time

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About Todo Telling Time

Todo Telling Time is an app that focuses on the full range of time concepts. When you open the app, you see a digital clock, an analog clock and a calendar page with the current time,day and date.

Teacher Review

The app contains six mini games that teach time concepts. The calendar mini games includes putting the days of the week in the correct order to form a scene, putting the months of the year in the correct order, and putting the days of a month in order. The purpose of the Ferris Wheel game is to put the numbers 1-12 in order around a ferris wheel (like a clock face). The game increases in difficulty as the child successfully plays the game. The third game is a schedule game. The child sets an analog clock to match a digital clock that is paired with a daily activity. The games gets increasingly difficult as the child moves up the levels. The train games works on matching a digital clock to an analog clock. There is also a memory game working on remembering which numbers around an analog clock light up. The last mini game is a time quiz with questions that have multiple choice answers. The questions relate to time of day and how long an activity takes. For example, "Which activity takes about 1 minute?", "It's 2pm. How much time until 6:30pm?" and "When is it time to brush teeth?".
The attention to detail in Todo Telling Time is impressive and leads kids to a thorough understanding of time - not just telling time on a clock, but understanding schedules and adding and subtracting minutes to determine other times. 
For Teachers
Teachers could use the app as a whole-class activity during circle time, sharing the start screen, which shows the time on both a digital and analog clock along with a calendar page of the day of the week and date. 
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Enuma, Inc.

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Todo Telling Time provides playful opportunities for children in kindergarten through second grade to learn all aspects of time telling through fun, interactive mini games. With this app, children will learn to tell time to the hour and minute, calendar concepts, digital time, and the components of a daily schedule. Telling Time also addresses secondary factors necessary for mastering time telling. These include practice with ordering numbers around a clock face, counting by 5s, elapsed time, and estimates of time. Each game is unique and engaging, ensuring that children continue to have fun as they learn the necessary skill of telling time.

Todo Telling Time contains six multi-level mini games.

  • Days and Weeks: Children solve puzzles by arranging days and weeks in order.
  • Ferris Wheel: Watch as the ferris wheel cars drop to the ground and put them back in the correct order. This game helps children become familiar with the orientation of the numbers on a clock face, hours and minutes both included as they progress through levels!
  • Schedule: Time to brush your teeth, eat lunch, play with pup! Set the analog clock to the correct time and watch a fun animation that corresponds with that time of the day!
  • Train Time: What time will the train leave the station? Use the number tiles to set the appropriate time.
  • Memory: Children will build short-term memory and sequencing skills as they watch and re-create the numbers in the order they are flashed in this fun cuckoo clock game.
  • Time Quiz: Each level contains a different focus as children put their time telling skills to the test in this multiple choice game.

Common Core State Standards

In the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics the topic of telling time is introduced in the 1st grade with telling time to the hour & half-hour and culminating in 3rd grade with telling time to the nearest minute. We noted that the topic is spread over 3 years of school and not a major focus in any grade. For students who struggle or take longer to learn this concept, there is a real risk of the class moving on before he or she has mastered reading the clock. To address this risk, we created Todo Telling Time with multiple game levels to provide just the right amount of challenge and support so that students who struggle to learn this concept can master it at their own pace.

Students with Learning Differences

“All means all” is an expression we embrace at Enuma and is the inspiration behind our choice of Todo. Todo, meaning “all” in Spanish, is our way of communicating the inclusion of children with learning differences in the apps’ design and development. We define learning differences to include deficits in auditory and visual processing, short-term memory, language delay or under-developed fine motor skills. Students with formal diagnosis can include, but are not limited to students with LD, ASD, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, and Down syndrome.

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