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About Todo Math

Kids can learn numbers, counting, and addition and subtraction to 99 as well as multiplication using Todo Math app. Todo Math is an interactive math app for Pre-K to 2nd grade where they can pick and play their favorite math games at the difficulty level that’s right for them.

Teacher Review

Todo Math is a wonderfully easy-to-use math app designed to help kids of all abilities practice math. It uses visuals, auditory prompts and purposeful touch. The app includes 600+ math activities aligned to Common Core State Standards to provide over a year of math practice for kids aged 5-9. 

Kids can see, using visual manipulatives, how addition, subtraction, and multiplication work. They can build fluency practicing math facts. The activities across three grade levels are aligned with Common Core State Standards and include telling time, skip counting, and word problems as well as arithmetic. Verbal and visual support, as well as fine motor options for dragging and dropping or writing in answers, meet the needs for different learning abilities. With Todo Math, kids get solid math practice with no distractions or barriers to learning.

Todo has 31 curriculum-aligned missions, from Pre-K level ‘numbers are fun’ to 2nd grade ‘quick multiplication drill’. Each mission comprises of 7 mini-game stages that encourage your child to solve 50-100 problems in a row.

Free Choice Mode: Multi-Level Games

18 multi-level games (and more in development) help to improve math fluency while also supporting the conceptual understanding of early math. 8 of the 18 games are offered free and of the remaining 10 games, they offer the beginning levels free. Number Tracing, Counting, Tallies, Cookies, Falling Blocks, Equation Maker, Word Windows, Patterns, Quick Addition, Quick Subtraction, Quick Multiplying, Quick Facts, Little Farm, Same or Different, Matrix, Days and Weeks, Train Time, and Ferris Wheel are all included.

Multiple Input Modes for Learners

Todo Math allows children to write their answers on the screen. For children who find writing difficult, Todo Math also offers the ability to tap and drag the ‘number blocks’ as an alternative. There are also options for left-handers and a simple keypad. Apps developed by Locomotive Labs have features that make their games playable for kids with working memory or visual processing issues, language delays or have under-developed fine motor skills. We appreciate how serious Locomotive Labs is about each and every detail of accessibility.

Upon opening the app, the user has a choice of Timed Practice or Free Choice. Timed Practice is broken down into grade levels with Common Core Standards for each grade. For example, grade 1 has four areas of practice: adding, tallies, equation maker and quick facts. Students are given 8 minutes to complete the practice. If the user chooses free choice, they have three areas of concentration: Numbers & Counting, Visual Representatives and Math Facts Practice. Within each area are subcategories and grade levels. The goal of the app is to improve fluency of math sums and differences, while also supporting the conceptual understanding of early math concepts.

There is an optional subscription component of the app that allows you to have access to the full curriculum. The subscription feature offers the user a progress report, which is beneficial for teachers who are trying to collect data for IEP’s. The full subscription for 1 year is $34.99 and 2 years is $59.99. These packages include pre-k through 2nd grade, 600 activities as well as regular updates. The beauty of the subscription is that you get all of the features and benefits the app can offer from daily practice to all of the free choice games.

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Let’s go exploring with Todo Maths, your child’s personal maths adventure. Designed and endorsed by educators, aligned to school standards, and recognized for superior game design - Todo Maths’ early elementary curriculum is ideal for learning foundational maths skills at home and in the classroom.

EDUCATIONAL CONTENT: Todo Maths is developed by experienced educators and researchers from UC Berkeley, and is piloted with 1,300+ teachers with exceptional feedback. Todo Maths’ growing curriculum includes 600+ maths activities aligned to Common Core State Standards to provide over a year of maths practice for preschool to 2nd grade. The app’s comprehensive suite of learning games include:

1. Counting and Cardinality

  • Number Tracing
  • Basic Counting
  • Counting
  • Tallies
  • Tallies Lab
  • Domino Math
  • 100 Board Quiz

2. Number Operations

  • Cookies
  • Falling blocks
  • Equation Maker
  • Word Windows
  • Word to Equation
  • Quick Adding
  • Quick Subtracting
  • Quick Multiplying
  • Quick Facts
  • Multi-Digit Grid
  • Light It Up

3. Mathematical Reasoning

  • Little Farm
  • Same or Different
  • Matrix
  • Patterns
  • Word Grocery

4. Time and Money

  • Days and Weeks
  • Train Time
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Keep the Change

5. Geometry

  • Shape Tracing
  • Falling Shapes


  • Children can choose different game modes for a personalized and interactive learning experience, while grownups have the option to monitor progress and customize settings. These features include:
  • Daily Adventures: set child’s level for 10-15 minutes of daily practice
  • Missions: 60+ maths concepts covered for pre-K to 2nd grade
  • Play-based Monster Quizzes to reinforce learning – with monsters kids can collect!
  • “My Info” page to set goals and track learning progress
  • Accessibility options: left-handed mode, OpenDyslexic font option, help button, and simplified keypad input style

DOWNLOAD AND SUBSCRIPTION: Todo Maths’ free download includes a basic version of every game and feature in the application. To upgrade for continuous access to the complete curriculum, subscriptions are available to best meet your family’s needs.

ONLINE SAFETY: Todo Maths adheres to Children’s Online Privacy standards and does not contain any 3rd party advertisements

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