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Baby match puzzle for toddlers

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About Toddler puzzles games for kids

Having 16 puzzle games in one app means that you’ll have enough content to entertain your children during road trips, airplane rides, etc. The puzzles in this games are very useful for education and knowledge of toddlers and older kids.
They get to learn about shapes, counting, numbers, animals, matching, flowers and more. Kids will have fun while solving the puzzles. The overall interface is child friendly, educational and very engaging to play.

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  • Toddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kidsToddler puzzles games for kids


Developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling apps for kids, in cooperation with educational specialists to best prepare your children for success in preschool and kindergarten curriculum. 

Puzzles, Numbers, Shapes, Sizes, Matching, Colors, Shadows, and more – All in one! Look no further!
Let puzzles come to life with Stacker Puzzles, an interactive app for all curious babies and toddlers. In 16 colorfully-designed stacker puzzle games, Stacker Puzzles introduces children to colors, shapes, numbers, patterns, and more.


* Great starter puzzles for early learning (AGE 2+)
* Helps with development of fine motor skills, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, and self-confidence
* Provides experience with math concepts such as sorting, classifying, comparing, sets, size, and spatial relationships
Let your child discover world of endless possibilities in this beautiful puzzle game that will captivate your child’s attention over and over again!
Stacker Puzzles consists of 16 beautiful educational games for toddlers:
- Shapes and Colors Stacker: Match blocks by SIZES and SHAPES
- Safari: Match objects by SILHOUETTE
- Counting 1-3: Match chicken by NUMBERS
- Counting 1-6: Match ducks and COUNT to 6
- Counting 1-10: Learn to COUNT 1-10
- Boy and girl: Match puzzles by SHAPE and LOGIC
- Pirates: Match parts of the pirate ship by LOGIC
- Tractor: Match parts of a tractor based on SHAPES
- Flower and ladybugs: Match parts of a flower based on SHAPES
- Farm: Match farm objects based on LOGIC
- Turtle: Match objects by SILHOUETTE
- Rainbow: Match parts of a rainbow and LEARN COLORS
- Sailboat: Match objects by SILHOUETTE
- Pearl flower: Match parts of a plant by SHAPES and COLORS
- Rocket: Build a rocket based on LOGIC
When a puzzle is completed, children are always rewarded with a little fun surprise such as a chance to pop balloons or bubbles.

ABOUT US: We are very passionate about education and making games that offer both educational and entertainment value. Our desire is for as many children as possible to have their childhood be a special time full of joy, learning, and exploration. Our products include award winning games that are enjoyed by more than 30,000,000 children worldwide.