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About Toddler Learning Games

Toddler Learning Games is designed to appeal to young children with its vibrant appearance and to parents with its many learning games suitable for toddlers.  It is packed full of content and more is added on a regular basis for those who subscribe. 

Toddler Learning Games Review

It is the graphics that first stand out in Toddler Learning Games.  Perhaps their style is not especially original for an app aimed at toddlers (although for toddlers originality or lack of is not really an issue) but it is of the highest quality.  Its colour and vibrancy ensures it attracts the user's attention.  Animations are simple but add to the attraction.

As befits an app aimed at those at the very beginning of their learning, the app uses speech rather than text to explain and encourage.  This is provided by a clearly spoken narrator for everything in the app.  No doubt this adds considerably to the app's size but it is worth it as it really lifts the app's usefulness and appeal to toddlers.

Various sound effects and pieces of music help immerse the player into each of the worlds within the app, although they can be muted for those times when children want to play but the environment is not one meant for the sounds of games.

The app is a collection of minigames and there are very many of them.  Within the app's "Kiddoverse" there are many worlds and each of these contains multiple mini-games.  There are other apps aimed at toddlers whose full content is about the size of just one of these worlds, so the fact that there are more than 15 so far in this app shows how full this app is.  The developers promise that more will be added on a regular basis too - adding to the variety and value of a subscription to the app.

The games offer a number of different learning opportunities. Some, such as numbers, ABC and shapes can be directly linked to the lessons that toddlers will soon be attending.  Others are more aimed at productive fun such as the Ghost House which includes entertainment-based activities such as colouring books, the ever-popular matching pairs games, and a pumpkin-designer game.  Still, even in this section, there are games covering word learning, letters, and numbers.

There is a nice balance in the style of the activities that will appeal to young children.  Parents who use the app alongside their child will be able to guide, help, and enrich their child's experience while using this app and will be building positive associations with learning in the mind of their child.

The app is free to download but this should only be seen as a means by which to assess the app as it is advertisement supported and the ads can be a bit intrusive.  The developers provide a further chance to assess the app in that, if you subscribe, there are 7 days before you are charged for the subscription.  During this time the app is fully featured and can be cancelled without cost.  This is a fair balance between ensuring parents get what they want and that the developers are duly rewarded.  The artwork, sound, and programming that goes into an app as polished as this is not cheap to produce.

Toddler Learning Games may look, at first glance in an app store, like a number of other mini-game-based apps aimed at its targeted age group.  These screenshots cannot convey how much more content this app has when compared to most of its competitors.  Children who like the reassurance of the familiar can enjoy revisiting favourite games to continue their learning.  Those who thrive on the new and novel will enjoy exploring the existing content and will eagerly anticipate the regular arrival of the new.  They'll all enjoy this beautifully made app.

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