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Picture a classic children's educational show, one that teaches about numbers letters and words, but spices it all up with songs and stories.  Toddler Fun Learning recreates that experience while adding the chance to choose what segment is viewed next.  If your child fancies another number story, they can choose it.  If they want to sing along with a favourite song, just make the selection. 

Plus, just like a TV programme, the app has an end time.  Activate the time limit and the day's entertainment will be rounded off.

Toddler Fun Learning updates pre-school education for mobile devices.

Toddler Fun Learning: Educational Videos For Kids Review

Apps aimed at pre-school children need to be carefully thought through.  Their content, needless to say, has to be age appropriate and both entice and educate their users.  They need to be usable and navigable by children who cannot read or follow long chains of interactions.  Toddler Fun Learning excels in all of these.

There is an abundance of videos available in the app covering many different topics suitable for young children.  Basic number and language videos are available as well as story and musical ones that still educate as they entertain.  Think of the classic children's educational shows and you won't be far off understanding the way that this content can be combined for learning and fun.

The artistic styles of the animations vary but the quality remains high.  Some are in traditional two-dimensional styles while others use a very well designed three-dimensional style.  A few also include some live-action footage.  All are smooth, wonderfully produced and well written - they will entice and engage children. 

You can check the quality of the videos out on the app developer's youTube channel to confirm their excellence for yourself.  Seeing how good they are on this channel, you might wonder why you should use and subscribe to the app but it does make the experience so much better.

The app has clearly been well thought out to lift the experience well above what is available from just watching videos on youTube.  Browsing through the videos is easier and a good idea of the content of each one is clear from its title screen.  By casting aside all of the distractions and risks of using the general youTube site, this app earns its subscription fee. 

Over-reliance on data is limited by allowing videos to be stored on the app.  A little bit of forethought is needed but parents can make sure that their phone or tablet holds a good variety of videos to provide entertainment on a long journey.  This is such a useful function that it would be nice to see the developers extend it so that parents can download a block of videos with a single click rather than having to select each individual one.

Further proof of the careful design of the app comes from the parental limit function.  Parents can set a maximum amount of time for using the app.  A clever touch here, one that makes the experience much more satisfying,  is that the videos don't just come to an abrupt end but are rounded off with a goodbye video.  This is even better as it suggests things to go and do that don't involve a screen.

With this app, nursery and pre-school facilities can have safe and on-demand content for engaging their children.  Parents can be reassured that their child is engaging with appropriate content.  Adults and children can share the app together to have fun and learn at the most suitable times.

The developers of this app say that they were inspired to create it when they saw how little good educational content there was for their own pre-school age children.  Toddler Fun Learning hasn't merely expanded the availability of good learning content for pre-school children, instead, it has created its own tier - that of thoroughly excellent learning content.

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