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About Toca Town

Toca Town is an open-play environment designed for little kids. It's like a whole setting of virtual doll houses and people for kids to play with. Toca Life: Town is all about the flexibility thinking skill, with various characters and places to explore and experiment with.

Toca Town Review

Toca Life: Town is a virtual village populated by a diverse group of characters, allowing users to move digital paper dolls through a three bedroom apartment, a small studio apartment, a grocery store, the park, a restaurant, and a police station. Serve them food in a restaurant, tidy up their apartment (or make a mess) — even lock them in jail. Characters can interact with just about anything on the screen. Items and objects can be used to create elaborate, realistic, and even humorous scenarios. Toca Life: Town is charming, immersive, and wholesome, making it an ideal digital toy for users 4 years and older.

Toca Town takes classic preschool play and manages to adapt it -- perhaps even improve it -- using technology, without losing the open-ended possibilities of imaginative play. There are no rules or instructions to limit kids, and there are no little toys to pick up and store.

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