Toca Tea Party

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  • age 3+
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About Toca Tea Party

Toca Tea Party is an app that encourages a child’s imagination and creativity as well as learning about activities of daily living. Toca Tea Party presents the elements of a tea party—drinks, desserts, and dishes—for unstructured imaginative play.

Toca Tea Party Review

Toca Tea Party offers an interactive party suitable for the very youngest iPad users. With bright colors and highly defined interaction opportunities, it works best for limited play, where kdis can set the table, invite guests and interact with your friends sharing cakes and refilling tea cups.

How it works

Toca Tea Party couldn’t be simpler: You set a tea table with plates, cups, drinks, and treats for three guests, and the rest is up to your imagination. There’s no objective beyond pouring drinks, munching treats, and wiping up spills, and the app has a built-in end point: Once you’ve finished the snacks and beverages, the table clears itself and the dishes drop into a sink, ending the party.

Why it’s great

Toca Tea Party isn’t so much a game as a scene for unstructured imaginative and social play for young children. Kids can play alone (perhaps by inviting dolls or stuffed animals as guests) or with one or two others—a unique feature for a tablet game to pull off well. My two daughters, now 4 and 5, haven’t tired of Toca Tea Party after two years, and their play centers on chatting, pretending, and sharing.

Its easy interface is designed to be readily understood by kids. There are no written or audio instructions provided at the start, but the animations are engaging as they bounce and light up to prompt players to touch in order to move onto to the next action.

Toca Tea Party is one of the Toca Boca apps, a popular creator of children's apps on smartphones and tablets.

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You can download Toca Tea Party on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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