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Developer Description

A real work of craft, and one that will delight your children for weeks and possibly months. Want to make a cool robot? With Toca Robot Lab you and your kids can build your own robot from pieces of scrap and see it fly straight away! Endless different robot combinations are possible to make!


Choose between pieces of scrap to make your own robot
Different pieces to choose from every session
Endless different robot combinations to make!
Test fly your robot and make sure it works!
Cool physics fun while flying
Beautiful original graphics
No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
Kid-friendly interface!

Enter the Toca Robot Lab and start making your own robot! Construct and build it however you want with the scrap pieces that rolls out in the lab. Choose legs, body, head and two different arms - then you're good to go! Time to test if the robot can fly! The robot you built is now in a testing area where it can pick up stars and knock over balls and blocks as it zooms around. When it's done, fly up to the magnet and get your Toca Robot Lab Test report! And start making the next robot straight away…

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