Toca Mystery House

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  • age 7+
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Toca Mystery House Review

Toca Mystery House is a free-play app encourages kids to explore the house's rooms and floors, going up and down the elevator and stairs and through darkened areas and solving puzzles. Toca Mystery House is available to download on iOS devices.

Toca Mystery House Features

  • Interactive gameplay involving tapping and swiping to explore rooms.
  • Free-play exploration of various rooms and floors.
  • Ability to interact with various objects like doors, clocks, and windows.
  • Elevator mechanism to navigate different floors.
  • Surprises like a disembodied disco dancer.
  • Diverse activities including potion-making, vacuuming, and solving puzzles.

Screenshots of Toca Mystery House

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Toca Mystery House Screenshot - 2
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How much does Toca Mystery House cost?

Toca Mystery House is available at the cost of $4.99.

Is it good for learning?

Free-play exploration, decision-making, prediction, motion, shapes, counting, basic concepts of science experimentation.

The Pros of using Toca Mystery House

  • Targets a slightly older audience than other Toca Boca apps.
  • Encourages exploration and trial-and-error learning.
  • Engaging exploration and interaction with the game environment.
  • Varied activities keep the gameplay interesting.
  • Encourages creativity and problem-solving.

The Cons of using Toca Mystery House

  • May be too spooky for younger children.
  • Activities are more complex than those in other Toca Boca apps.
  • Nonlinear process can be frustrating for some kids.

What is Toca Mystery House?

Toca Mystery House is an app that invites children to explore the world of the unknown. In the app, there is a house located on an eerie and silent street. And there is only one way to truly find out what is inside as kids will need to be brave and bold and decide to start exploring.

Surreal, slightly spooky, with a touch of the gross factor, this house is definitely full of mystery.  From the main entryway, there are four rooms to explore, each with a different activity. True to Toca Boca philosophy, all of the activities are about exploration and discovery more than “solving puzzles” or looking for “the right answer.” 

Creepy crawlies and the unknown get a whimsical twist with Toca Mystery House, where you never know what lurks in the shadows. Kids can wander through this enigmatic house, mixing potions in one room and discovering strange new beings in the next. Surprises around every corner satisfy youngsters' creative and exploratory instincts.

Activities include making music with a giant ogre’s head, mixing chemicals and elements to create potions that transform the resident pink creature, a room very reminiscent of the surreal apps by Vector Park and another room with what appears to be gooey, interactive guts in a refrigerator alternately sucking up and spitting out cute little food particles. Bizarre but delightful, what will you discover in Mystery House? 

What's it about?

Toca Mystery House is an app when you first enter the house, you can swipe left and right to navigate the corridor, where you will see numerous doors, peeling wallpaper, and holes in the walls sometimes with bright eyes poking out. Each doorway leads to a different area often via additional passageways that are home to odd beings and objects that can be used to engage with them. These two robed figures are up the stairs, and they give you control over various shapes, like a cube, a cylinder, and a sphere, by tapping, swiping, and spinning them until the secrets inside them are revealed.

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Final Verdict: Toca Mystery House Review

Toca Mystery House is an amazing and fascinating game. You should always have a look at this entertaining game because it's primarily designed for children and is both adventurous and inventive.

A few of Toca Boca apps, however, have a slightly different approach: they don’t use the familiar characters and play style, but instead have a little more of an experimental nature.

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