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About Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen is an app that allows kids to explore cooking and discover what happens when you fry a lemon, or mix mushrooms and carrots. Toca Kitchen has easy game mechanics and free-exploration gameplay. Toca Kitchen is a fun way for children to get interested in food and explore without risk of wasting food or creating mess.

Toca Kitchen is available for free to download on Android devices and is available to download on iOS devices with a one-time purchase price of $3.99.

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Toca Kitchen Review

What is Toca Kitchen?

Toca Kitchen is a cooking simulation game developed by Toca Boca. It is designed for children and allows them to experiment with cooking various foods and creating their own recipes. In the game, players can choose from a range of ingredients, prepare and cook them using various kitchen tools, and serve them to their virtual guests.

Toca Kitchen is a fun way to explore food, cooking and nutrition. Toca Boca apps are known for their engaging and interactive games that can be customized to fit the needs of all users. 

You are allowed to express your creativity in this fun cooking game as it leaves you completely in charge of your own kitchen. Kids can slice, mix, boil, fry, and prepare food in any way they please, without rules or restrictions. Toca Kitchen features four different characters to prepare food for, each with unique facial expressions and reactions to help kids determine if the character enjoys the prepared foods. 

Once the user has chosen a character, they choose foods from the left side of the screen and cooking utensils from the right side of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, the user is given seasonings to spice or add a citrus twist to foods.

Is Toca Kitchen free?

Toca Kitchen is available for free to download on Android devices and is available to download on iOS devices with a one-time purchase price of $3.99.

How much does Toca Kitchen cost?

Toca Kitchen is available for free to download on Android devices and is available to download on iOS devices with a one-time purchase price of $3.99.

Is Toca Kitchen safe for kids?

Toca Kitchen is safe for kids as this app that is designed with a child’s safety and success in mind. Featuring no in-app purchases and no third party advertising, Toca Kitchen takes into account the concerns of parents while still providing an exciting platform for children. 

Features Toca Kitchen; What we like about it

In this game, you can combine ingredients to form tasty recipes, which can then be served up in full 3D. While it's not going to blow your tastebuds away, Toca Kitchen is a pleasantly light palate cleanser of a game - and an educational one at that.

The game is good for young children because it will help them to be creative and develop their imagination. It’s amusing to watch guests’ reactions when they are trying food they don’t like.

This app is similar to Dr. Panda’s Restaurant and Sara’s Cooking Class, apps that aim to teach children about cooking while allowing them the freedom to explore.

The combination of creativity and learning makes this a fun app to add to the Toca Boca apps collection. Toca Kitchen allows kids to play and learn about food from your iPhone or iPad or Android devices. 

How Toca Kitchen works?

Toca Kitchen features three characters for players to feed, each with distinct food preferences and flavor profiles. Players will have fun making combinations from the large pantry available to them, which includes: oranges, watermelon, mushrooms, tomatoes, bread, spaghetti, rice, pears, onions, carrots, broccoli, steak, turkey legs, hot dogs, fish, octopus, and more.

Players can juice items, fry them, saute, bake and boil the ingredients to prepare dishes for their guests. A really neat aspect of Toca Kitchen 2 is that players can prep food by chopping or slicing with a knife, and the app is responsive to where players direct cuts, so cuts can easily be haphazard and result in pieces of different sizes.

What skills will children develop?

Toca Kitchen can be used as a conversation starter for discussions about food groups, healthy choices and ways to cook. After using the app, families can prepare items to show how the foods look in real life.

Our reviewer uses this app with her class of 14-17 year old developmentally disabled students to discuss food groups and nutrition. Using this app, students are able to choose a character and prepare everything from hotdogs to steak to vegetables. The students boil, chop, mix or bake/broil the foods and then serve them to their character.

The class has had quite a few laughs when a character does not like their broccoli. The character makes a funny face and shakes their head making it clear that they dislike the food. The teacher has paired students together to help create conversation about what to prepare and how to prepare a variety of foods.

Final Thoughts

Toca Kitchen is a fun and unique cooking game that allows players to experiment with different ingredients to create their own unique dishes.

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