Toca House

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  • age 2+
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About Toca House

Toca House is a safe collection of housekeeping mini-games for preschoolers. Like all of Toca Boca's products, Toca House is designed as a digital toy rather than a game, so it encourages exploration over achievement. 

Toca House Review

Toca House is another fun children’s game from Toca Boca. We’ve featured quite a few Toca Boca games in the past and have always loved them for their quirkiness and child friendly nature. Toca House is no different. It is described as a digital toy that allows children to participate in a variety of different household chores. Basically it’s a way for them to play house and actually do all the chores they could only watch adults do.

As with all Toca Boca games, the graphics and sound in Toca House are amazing. The graphics are very polished and colorful and feature a cast of interesting characters. Each floor of the house is occupied by one of these characters. There are 5 characters in total and 5 floors to the house but each of the 5 characters can occupy any of the floors. There are different mini games on each floor depending on which character is occupying it. In addition to the house, there is also the front lawn that can contain mini games based on which character is out there. There are 19 mini games in total ranging from sweeping the floor to hanging up the laundry.

In all honesty, who would have thought that doing chores around the house would be so fun? Toca House seems to make the mundane task of household chores fun. Now if I could actually get my kids to do some of these things in real life, that would be awesome.

You can download Toca House on iOS.

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iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
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Collaboration Skills


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