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About Toca Dance

Toca Dance is an open-ended app that gives kids a platform to create and imagine. In this case, kids choreograph a dance routine for up to three dancers and then watch the characters perform on stage. Toca Dance is available to download on iOS device.

Toca Dance Review

Toca Dance allows for children to be a choreographer! Children get to create custom outfits and routines and then record a music video of their performance.

Toca Dance app allows kids to have a creative outlet. Kids who loves dance will be able to take that love of dancing and choreograph their own moves is so neat. The characters are very interactive and their moves are completely customizable, so kids is able to do try out a move they like in real life and then try to replicate that with the app.

Kids can learn about creative expression, moving bodies, and sensing the beat in a song. Freedom to move their characters empowers kids to get creative and silly, and they can feel proud ownership when they see their choreographed show performed on stage. Challenge kids to move to the music and they'll learn about listening for tempo and beat, transferring real-life movement to digital representation, and build some body awareness. Toca Dance is definitely for fun, but with some offscreen extension, kids can learn more.

How much does Toca Dance cost?

Toca Dance costs $3.99 and there are no in-app purchases.

Is Toca Dance safe for kids?

Toca Dance is safe for kids as this app that is designed with a child’s safety and success in mind. Featuring no in-app purchases and no third party advertising, Toca Dance takes into account the concerns of parents while still providing an exciting platform for children. 

Toca Dance is one of the popular dancing apps for kids available on the App Store

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You can download Toca Dance on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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