Tizzy Veterinarian Lite

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From the Developer

Tizzy Veterinarian lets your aspiring animal doctor take their diagnoses to the virtual world. Designed for ages 2-6, Tizzy Veterinarian takes imaginative play to the next level by providing adorable animals on which your kids can practice their medical skills through engaging activities. Tizzy Veterinarian makes learning fun!

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What are other people saying about the Tizzy Labs line of Imaginative Games?

"Lots of fun for young kids! Has simple, fun puzzles for kids of all ages. Highly recommend!"

"My 4 year old daughter absolutely loved this game!! It is simple and intuitive enough for her to figure out most of the puzzles without any help. She was really proud of her accomplishments."

"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!"

"Puzzles galore! Makes grocery shopping and doctors visits stress free. Thanks!"


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