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This is a very nice and quirky app. Your children will find the app to be amusing and will remain engaged. The app has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

Teacher Review

This is an app that will develop your child’s sense of sound, music and vocabulary. The characters are very funny to play with. If your sense of humour looks for something quirky rather than for something cute and sweet, this app is for you.

The app is set within a playground with 6 different characters; a dog (that eats a lot), an artistic mouse, a pear, a coquettish princess, a strong and clumsy dinosaur and a humanoid-robot. The musical part is in the playground. The idea is that you choose one of the characters and place him/her/it on one of the toys. Once on the playground activity (i.e. be it the swing/hula hoop etc etc), the character evokes a certain sound that is applicable to the character’s style and weight. For example, the heavy pear takes care of the bass notes and the skinny dancing princess takes care of the higher notes wherever you place her. You can place the characters on the different toys and swap them around to listen to the different sounds that they make. You can place them all at the same time and listen to how they all sync to create once piece of music or, swap and replace them in order to hear them play in-time.  This feature was very engaging. We would, however, improve it by adding a musical scale so that children can understand the idea of low and high notes. Even adding some interests and the name of instruments would be a nice addition to boost the music education aspect of the app.

Each character has a specific game that the child can play. For example, the dog eats the objects that you are asked to identify. We found the dog game to be a little bizarre (but that could just be our opinion and others will delight in it).  The app names an object and then you have to drag it towards the dog. The dog then eats it. Whether it be a cat, dog, bone or fish, the dog swallows it up (!) Once the dog has eaten his fill and the game is over he leaves a little turd (in appreciation!?).

The other games follow the same theme of identifying an object and then giving it to the character. Each game has 20 new words for children to learn. If your child does not know the names of all things, he/she will need to learn via trial and error as there is no direct teaching aspect in the game. You learn by doing and then remembering your errors.

There is a parent section in which you can see the vocabulary that your child has been learning correctly. This is a very nice feature.

For parents who are concerned about accents, the accent of the English is American English.

Overall, we enjoyed playing with the app. It is original and fun and we thing that children will enjoy playing with it. 

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Developer Description

Play with sounds in the playground and learn new words.

Tita Toys playground is a great place for your toddler to play with the Tita Toys friends Dino, Princess, Pear, Robot, Mouse and Dog. You can have great fun together composing your own playground symphony. See what happens when big, clumsy Pear jumps on the trampoline. Or when mouse does his dance moves. Choose what playground equipment you want to make sounds with and have each character jump and play on it. This way you can try out a great number of sound combinations and make your own playground music. At the same time you can play in other scenes with each character and learn a great number of new words.
At the end of the day parents and children can swipe through the last 10 words your child has learned and and enjoy the progress he or she is showing. Bring a smile on your child's face and download the app now.

• Fun playground and 6 original characters
• Each playground equipment and character has its own sounds
• Compose your own playground symphony
• Combine sounds and play endlessly
• 3 extra vocabulary games with popular character from playground
• Hear audio words, choose right object and enjoy amazing rewards
• Learn over 20 words per game
• Play-based learning
• Connect with you child at the end of the day with animated words of the day
• Track the progress in language development of your child
• Simple game mechanics
• For children 2 years and older
• Child-friendly: no advertising

About Tita Toys
Tita Toys apps are developed by team consisting of parents and educational experts. We believe that our apps are great digital toys that allow young children to learn simply by playing.
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