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Everybody should have a basic knowledge of country shapes, capital cities, the continent of countries and their flags.  Tiny Countries teaches and tests this knowledge within a fun and well animated game based around multiple choice questions.

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Developer Description

Help Tiny in this epic adventure to save the world using his awesome skills in geography!

Dr. Evil and his henchmen have an evil plan to realign the world by moving the continents and forming a rooster-shaped world.

General McIntyre enlists Tiny due to his expertise in geography to help catch these henchmen after they uncover a series of cryptic clues identifying their locations.

Play as Tiny's character and save the world by using your knowledge of geography to unravel clues.

Here is what Sarah Emerling, a mom, a special education teacher, and a technology coach (The iLesson Lady) has to say about Tiny Countries:

"This app is a new approach to the standard geography app, and one of the best geography games I've used. The different questions and facts are well rounded and provide a nice overview of the countries featured. My students really enjoyed jumping from continent to continent!"

Tiny Countries is an epic adventure that includes :

  • 15 missions over 6 continents.
  • 75 countries to be mastered.
  • An animated interface to learn about countries, their capitals and famous monuments.

Tiny Countries is a first-of-its-kind game that combines learning of geography with an epic adventure to create "Permanent Learning" in its users.

  • Failing easily and epically allows learning by repetition.
  • An animated interface creates an easy-to-recall association between countries, their capitals and their neighbors.

Tiny Countries is the most fun way to learn geography!

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