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About Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables. Times Tables Rock Stars helps the kids to learn multiplication tables and division facts in a fun and exciting way.

Times Tables Rocks Stars is available to download for free for iOS and Android devices. Times Tables Rock Stars can be played on an internet browser or via the app and is compatible with all devices. 

Times Tables Rock Stars Review

Times Tables Rock Stars is a valuable tool in helping children learn their times tables and has impacted on overall confidence and progress in all areas within maths. Times Tables Rock Stars has helped engage children and has demonstrated how maths can be fun. World famous rock musicians are the best at what they do because they've spent hours practising guitar chords, writing music or playing on the drums. It's just the same with times tables – so that children continue to be motivated to practise their times table with Times Tables Rock Stars.

Times Tables Rock Stars helps promote critical thinking and is suitable for children 5-11. Times Tables Rock Stars is a gamified, child friendly approach that takes the boredom out of learning times tables. This app is a great classroom aid and also helpful for home school and additional practice. 

How does Times Tables Rock Star improve learning?

Learning your times tables is very important and is one of the most important skills when it comes to the SATs tests to be able to keep up with the number of questions that have to be answered. Times Tables Rock Star is a fun and competitive game that children can play free of charge to practice their tables. It is completely safe to use but has all the fun of competing against the clock and others. As the children use it they get coins and they can upgrade the character they play as.

Children can play single or multiplayer games and work their way through the ranks of Busker, Rock Star and Rock Legend, depending on how quickly and accurately they can answer the questions. The teacher can select which times tables are focused on each week, but there is a 20-week schedule that can be used as a guide. There are lots of printable resources, too.

Times Tables Rock Stars programme has one aim - to boost times table recall speeds.

How will parents benefit?

Parents know it's essential your child does a little bit of times table practice every night. In my experience, short bursts of daily practise are more effective than spending hours once a week. Times Tables Rock Stars app allows the children to create a rock star character and then practise their times tables and the corresponding division facts – they are rewarded with ‘money’ and can ‘buy’ things for their rock star. They can see their own progress and compare themselves to other users.

Is Times Tables Rock Star good?

It's simply an enjoyable way to motivate students to practice their multiplication tables.

Different Game Modes in Times Tables Rock Star

Single Player  

Garage - the questions will only come from the times tables the teacher has set for the week. As pupils start to answer questions, TT Rock Stars works out which facts they take longer on and will give them more of these questions to answer. The Garage is best for getting quicker at a few facts. Players get 10 coins per question.

Studio - the questions in the Studio can be anything from 1×1 up to 12×12. 

TT Rock Stars calculates each the mean speed from their last 10 games in the Studio and translates into a Rock Status. They earn 1 coin per question and the Studio is the place for them to set their best time across all the tables. 


Rock Arena - The Arena allows players to compete against all other members of their Band (their Bandmates would need to join the same game in order to compete together). A new Arena game starts every 15 seconds and once the clock starts they race to answer more questions than the others. In the Arena, questions will only come from the times tables the teacher has set for the week, similar to the Garage.  They earn 1 coin per correct answer.

Rock Festival - The Rock Festival games are open to players from around the world. Like the Arena, there is no limit to the number of players who can join a game; however, unlike the Arena, questions are selected at random from 1×1 to 12×12.  Pupils might choose the Rock Festival if they were playing at home (and therefore couldn't easily synchronise playing against a classmate) or wanted to compete against others not in their Band. They earn 1 coin per correct answer.

How much does Times Tables Rock Stars cost?

The basic subscription allows access to the worksheets, web games and the ability for teachers and pupils to play on the dedicated TTRS apps for Amazon, Apple and Android devices. On a family subscription, cost would be £6 per year. It would provide you access to two adults and three children.

4 week free trial is available. This gives access to the full package (subscription and both bolt-ons) and allows for unlimited pupil and teacher accounts.

Family plan subscription (two adults, three children) is available at £7.20 /year.

Tutor plan subscription (two adults, three children) is available at £7.20 /year (£2.40 per additional tutee).

How do you log into Times Tables Rock Stars?

You can log on to Times Tables Rock Stars through the website (ttrockstars.com), or through the app which is available free across all Apple and Android devices.

How to create accounts in Times Tables Rock Stars

Teachers can either ask the system to automatically generate usernames and secure random passwords, or they can specify usernames and passwords to match existing credentials for other websites. Once pupils have their own login details (printable on sticky labels or in parent letters), they can access TTRS on all devices immediately. Their account goes wherever they go, so if they login at school on a desktop, they'll continue where they left off at home on a tablet.

Give your pupils their log in details and ask them to log in to play.ttrockstars.com, or Times Tables Rock Stars mobile app.

Benefits of Times Tables Rock Stars

  • Incorrect answers are always immediately corrected in front of the pupil so that they start to associate the correct answer to every question.
  • The clever code behind the scenes works out which times tables facts each pupil is consistently taking longer to answer and then it gradually starts to present these facts more frequently until pupils have mastered them.
  • It will also ask related division questions 20% of the time in order to reinforce division facts

Times Tables Rock Stars is UK-based and used by 1/4 of UK schools. It's also active in 20 countries and is used by almost 1 million students worldwide. 

How Times Tables Rock Stars used in school and homeschool?

Class teachers and parents set the games on Times Tables Rock Stars to suit the needs of the children. As the children play Times Tables Rock Stars at school and at home, the website cleverly analyses the questions that children are struggling with and creates a report for teachers showing which facts to focus on. The website allows teachers to see how often children are using times tables rock stars at home as well as school.

How to access Times Tables Rockstar offline?

After the registration, you can log on without internet access and will store your game data and spending choices. Times Tables Rock Stars is designed to sync all the data across all your devices when you have an internet connection.

Which tables/ division facts does my child need to know by year

  • Year 1 - count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Year 2 - recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers
  • Year 3 - recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables
  • Year 4 - recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12
  • Year 5/6 - consolidate understanding of all multiplication tables and division facts up to 12 X 12. In year 5/6 children learn to identify and use their knowledge of prime numbers, composite numbers, Multiples, Factors and factor pairs

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Download Times Tables Rock Stars

You can download Times Tables Rock Stars on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Times Tables Rock Stars app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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