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Times Tables made Easy

3rd & 4th Grade Multiplication

  • Android, iPhone
  • age 5+

About Times Tables made Easy (New)

Kids can not only learn their times tables with this app but also understand how to use them.  A huge amount of cartoon-like animations teach children and provide them with supported practise exercises in this great app.

Teacher Review

Kids can learn about the importance of times tables, memorise them, and improve their speed of recall in Times Tables made Easy.  Set among 3 hours of animations, there are numerous learning and practising opportunities.

It is important to memorise the times tables but it is also very useful for children to understand the relationships between the numbers used in them and this is often neglected in times tables apps.  This app goes deeper into the relationships between numbers than most of its competitors.  

In its introduction section, the app's cartoon characters explain the relationship between multiplication and division and give tips on how to use number relationships.  Children are not just learning to remember the times tables in this app but to use them effectively too.

All of the teaching and learning content in Times Tables made Easy is crystal clear on the screen and full of animations.  The teaching is given by the many animal-based characters working alone or together.  They give clear spoken information accompanied by useful supporting animations.  Numbers and visual aids give children something concrete to latch on to as they learn.  

The explanations are clear and easy to follow.  Dressed up with friendly characters full of personality and charm, they will make the process of learning, memorising and practising times tables much more fun than it is with just a sheet of paper.  The on-screen personalities give enthusiastic encouragement and excitable reactions.

Children move through the times tables in order of difficulty.  Patterns and properties within the times tables are highlighted so that by the time it comes to relying on pure memory skills, children have already learned the bulk of the times tables.  They start with 0 and 1 is included too.  Each teaching section is followed by an interactive tips activity where children can practice and receive feedback.  The practice questions reached after that are not just based around the numbers alone but built around real-world word problems which highlight that times tables have a practical use and are not just numbers to remember.  

The app's required storage space on your device is larger than you might think on download as when you open a new section of the app, it initiates a further download.  There's nothing wrong with this - an app with so much animation and sound is going to need plenty of storage. 

One thing to watch out for, though, is that these downloads are needed for each section.  When a child moves on to a new times table, they will have to wait while the download takes place.  How much time this takes will depend on the internet connection to which their device is connected.  At over 150mb each, this delay could be frustrating for children if they are keen to learn and are on a slow connection.  You can go through each section in advance to preload them ready for your child but an option to download the full content in a single tap would be welcome and less fiddly.

The app is suited for a household with more than one young learner and schools too as the app can remember the performance of multiple users who each have their own password-protected area.  

Times Tables made Easy is a great app for kids who are learning the times tables.  Not only does it look great and provide an engaging environment for children, but it really goes the extra mile in making sure that kids understand times tables and don't just memorise them.  There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases to endure with this app.  A one-off purchase and your child is ready to go and learn all about the times tables.

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Publisher's Description

In over 3 hours of animated fun, kids are taught each multiplication table by a cast of entertaining characters who teach, sing and make them laugh. Before long, they will know a number of strategies and be confident in solving and remembering multiplication facts. Each character keeps kids motivated by recognising and rewarding their achievements. If the answer is wrong, they will provide help until they can say “I’ve Got This!”.

The app is suitable for children aged 7 to 10+. It is designed to learn key concepts within the Grade 3 and 4 Common Core Math Standards in the domain of “Operations and Algebraic Thinking”.

The learning is self-paced and self-assessed, taking the stress out of learning the multiplication tables and math facts. You only need to remember the easy times tables and you will be shown how you can use these to easily work out the harder times tables. The end result is you will confidently perform multiplication and be more confident in maths. You will start to believe you really do have a math brain.

You pay once to download the fully functioning App and all the video content (3GB of device memory is required to download all of the content).

There are NO subscriptions, NO in-App purchases and NO adds.

During usage, an internet connection is required to record individual progress for each student.

The unique learning experience in the “Times Tables made Easy” App includes:
**Teaching** - you’ll learn strategies to work out each Times Table calculation. Each is taught by one of 13 bright and energetic characters. They’ll help you learn each multiplication table in their own unique style. Visual animations for each of the key concepts make remembering them easier.

**Practicing** - you’ll use what you’ve learned to solve real life quiz examples.

**Coaching** - you’ll be guided and encouraged through any mistakes so you stick with it until you can correctly answer all questions.

**Reward** - answer correctly and be rewarded like in popular games! You receive a sticker for every question you get right.

**Progress** - is recorded and stored for you. You can continue learning by logging into any device that has the App installed and internet access. Once you have all been rewarded with all 156 stickers you have successfully demonstrated your understanding of all Times Tables. Progress can be reset for ongoing practice.

In addition to learning math facts and multiplication you will also develop:
**Number Sense** - which is the ability to use numbers flexibly to turn the more difficult maths problems into easier ones. This skill is one that differentiates those that are confident at maths from those that struggle.

**Growth Mindset** - which is the belief that you have the capacity to grow your skills and abilities if you take the time to understand and practice.

*Additional Times Table Worksheets*
For further practice or for assessing learning progress, worksheets containing real life examples are available as a free download at the following link (

*Lesson Plans*
Developed for use by teachers in the classroom or for home schooling parents. Lesson plans are available for each stage of the App at the following link

At Education Through Animation (ETA), we believe you can grow your mindset and abilities to achieve your learning goals. We take the stress out of learning so you’ll stick with it until you can say… “I’ve Got This!”

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