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About Times Tables Hero

Times Tables Hero is an app for kids to practise times tables. They answer multiplication questions with a swipe interaction and compete to gain achievements and advance on the leaderboards. Kids of any age and even their parents could enjoy playing this app as they compete—it supports multiple users.

Times Tables Hero is available for iOS and Android devices for a single purchase price. The app does not contain ads or in-app purchases.

Times Tables Hero Review

What is Times Tables Hero app?

Times Tables Hero is a times table practice app. It distinguishes itself from other apps with a 'swipe left or right' interaction made popular in quite different apps.

Emphasising its game like feel is a swathe of achievements to obtain and positions on the leaderboard to contest.

What we love about Times Tables Hero.

Times tables apps are among the most common educational apps, and it isn't often that a new one is released that feels fresh. Times Tables Hero's swipe interaction works much better than you might expect. Its simple elegance makes playing the app effortless and encourages 'just one more go' as the player feels compelled to improve their standing on the leaderboard or earn a new achievement.

Times Tables Hero achieves a level of gamification not often reached by times table apps. It plays well on a phone-sized screen as its one-handed control makes the play experience feel casual, but it loses little on the larger screen of a tablet device. Seeing a new take, expertly executed, on the often-visited genre of times tables is rare, and it is great to see that our expert reviewers can still be surprised.

What age is it appropriate for?

A typical target for kids to know all of the times tables is the age of eight, but many kids don't meet this target. Times Tables Hero's design is age-neutral enough for kids of any age to play and learn from it.

Is Times Tables Hero easy to use?

Times Tables Hero is very intuitive to use, but it still provides some helpful on-screen hints to guide new players. Working through the different options to tailor the game to the player's level might take a little familiarisation, but only because the app contains so many ways to customise the play experience.

How will students benefit?

Kids need to practice to become fluent in knowing their times tables, but this can be difficult to promote, and learners rarely do well under duress. Variety is crucial, and Times Tables Hero is both varied within its challenge and brings a new way of practising to mobile devices.

Competing with friends and family on the leaderboards is a good motivator for many kids and leads to fun rivalry. The app gives kids a chance to inspect the cards in advance and memorise them. What might seem a bit like cheating is a sneaky way of getting kids to revise a bit more!

Having a quick recall of the times tables makes mathematics, as a whole, much easier for kids. They'll understand other concepts easier and make fewer mistakes.

This will be their ultimate reward for practising with Times Tables Hero.

How will teachers benefit?

Times Tables Hero includes the features we like to see for an app to maximise its potential in the classroom. Multiple users can play the app under their names to compete on the leaderboards. There is a practice mode for teachers to use the app in tuition and class discussion. By customising the length of games, the numbers covered, and other aspects of the challenge, teachers can match the play experience to their lesson objectives.

How will parents benefit?

There's fun to be had for the whole family with Times Tables Hero. Parents and kids, old and young, can compete for mathematical superiority. With only a single purchase price, parents won't be adding to their monthly subscription cost either.

The summary screen is a useful way for parents to see that their kids have been practising and to see how accurate they've been and where their difficulties are.

What can Times Tables Hero improve on?

A parental lock within the app to push players to practise certain numbers could benefit both teachers and parents. Kids can sometimes concentrate on getting faster at what they find easy rather than stretch themselves with new learning, and locking kids to some of the more challenging tables could help with this.

It would also be helpful to put a setting to disable Game Center within the app behind a parental lock. Not all parents fully understand Game Center or wish to learn about it, so this would just be an easy way to reassure them.

It is possible to cheat a little in the game by pausing it as the player calculates the answer. Swapping the current card for another in the deck when play is resumed would help mitigate this little loophole.

How much does Times Tables Hero cost?

Times Tables Hero is simple to download—no trial versions, no subscriptions, and no in-app purchases. A single purchase will put the entire app on your device with no time or feature restrictions.

Times Tables Hero's cost is comparable to other apps in this category, but its feature set, originality, and quality make it an especially good value educational app purchase.

Is Times Tables Hero safe to use ?

On iOS, Times Tables Hero can connect to Game Center, which will let players compare their achievements and leaderboard position with players across the world or just their friends. Still, it doesn't involve any social media functionality when used within this app. Note that other apps could use iMessage alongside Game Center, so this is not a universal statement.

The usual Game Center controls are applicable, and you should ensure these are how you would like them in the settings and lock them down with parental controls.

All of the content in Times Tables Hero is safe for kids of any age to use, and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Overall rating of the app.

A selection of apps to help kids build their fluency in times tables is ideal, and Times Tables Hero's uniqueness makes it an excellent choice to have among them. The app feels polished through out, with a firm consistency in its design. It will be practice that helps your kids reach the achievement of Times Tables Hero, but making the experience as fun as possible facilitates it. The Times Table Hero app does this well, and it is well worth the five stars awarded in this review.

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