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Multiplication Teaching Game

Rating Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Times Tables Challenge - Quiz!

Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! app is for teaching, learning and practising the times tables up to 12x12.  It is simple for kids to play and understand. Kids of all ages who need to work on their times tables can make good use of this app.  It is available on iOS and Android for a low price and does not offer any in-app purchases nor show any advertisements.

Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! Review

What is Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! app?

Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! is for learning and practising multiplication up to 12x12. The experience it provides is simple but easy to pick up and play on whatever device your child can access phone or tablet. 

What we love about Times Tables Challenge - Quiz!

This app is very simple to use and to understand. Most children will be able to pick it up and begin to practise without difficulty. By having a score reset function it lets parents and teachers see how well individual children are doing without having to administer user accounts. 

Too many apps resort to multiple-choice quizzes so it is great to see that Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! asks children to enter the digits required for the answers. There is not the artificial and often excessive support that multiple-choice answer mechanisms provide. 

What skills does it improve?

Learning and practising times tables is the focus of Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! As well as a couple of variations of question and answer quizzes, there is a Learn Mode which lists the times tables.  There is also a Factorise This!  mode which breaks down any entered number into its prime factors. This works well enough but it seems a bit isolated from the rest of the content as there is nothing to explain its significance which might well be missed by children who are still at the stage of learning times tables. 

What age is it appropriate for?

There is a cartoon feel to this app and the sound effects mark it as an app for a young child but it could be used by students of any age who need to learn or practise the times tables. Children should be fluent in recalling and recognising times tables up to 12x12 by the age of 9 and preferably younger so the app is ideal for any child able to use it. 

How will students benefit?

Fluent and accurate recall of times tables is an essential skill that makes working with many topics of maths easier and more likely to result in correct answers. The only way to achieve this is through regular practice and Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! provides a simple and effective way of doing this. 

How will teachers benefit?

While Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! app does not allow for multiple kids to store their performance on the app, it does allow for easy clearing of existing data. When a new child begins to use this app, they can clear the scores/times/stickers so that the app shows just their achievements in the current session. 

How will parents benefit?

Like with practising reading, parents often have to play a role in ensuring children practise their times tables often and effectively enough. This app with its Learn Mode and challenges is a useful tool around which parents can build this support. 

What Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! can improve on?

The website to support Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! is underwhelming to say the least, consisting, as it does, of just a barely formatted bit of text and an email address to contact the developers. It does not harm the app experience, but it is unexpected to see such limited effort put into an app's web presence.  When starting the app's Sticker Quiz, there is a delay in updating the previous question to the new one. This delay is long enough for a reader to read the question and not realise it is due to change. This results in an incorrect answer that, for the first few times this happens, is inexplicable to the player.   

How much does Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! cost?

There is no trial version of this app but it is low priced and does not have any in-app purchases. 

Is Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! safe to use

All of the content in Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! is suitable for children. By having a very straightforward purchase model of a single price with no ads and no in-app purchases, and not asking for a user account to be created, the app avoids raising any privacy or safeguarding concerns. 

Overall rating of the app

There are many apps out there for learning and practising times tables. As you'll have seen in this Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! app review, this app provides similar features and methods of use to most of these. It is not innovative but it performs its task well enough, simply and at a good price. This makes it a 4-star app.


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