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Times Tables and Friends, 1-12

learn, practice multiplication

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Teacher Overview

Support your children with this app as they learn their multiplication tables.  As a single player they can concentrate on just one or all of the tables.  When children are confident in their ability, they can play against a friend to see who has learned the best.

Teacher Review

Learning times tables fluently enough to be quickly able to recall the answer to any question up to 12 x 12 has a renewed emphasis in the English school system but is just as important in all maths curricula.  Times Tables and Friends is full of opportunities to learn and practise.

There are a number of different modes within the app each offering a different level of complexity to the challenge.  In the game mode, children tackle each table at a time as they complete the 12 levels.  Challenge mode is timed and covers all of the times tables at once as children strive to build up the highest score that they can.  Training mode lets children or teachers construct a set of questions concentrating on those that are causing difficulty.  This is an excellent function that lets the app be tailored to an individual's needs.

Learning mode introduces each times table to children.  First, it says it, then it asks children to repeat it and then, finally, paint in the empty digits.  This does its job but it is a little less refined than other areas of the app as it does not really require children to do it properly.  Numbers can essentially be painted in any way and, although the app requests microphone access to hear the times tables recited, it only really needs a spoken voice, anything can be said.  With the support of a parent or teacher, this will be a useful section, but left to their own devices children will probably take more interest in seeing how they can abuse the lack of strictness.

There is the really nice addition of a two-player mode where two learners sit at either end of the device and compete to answer the questions as fast as possible.  This is an ideal mode for the classroom as it allows twice as many children as there are devices to play.  Parents should also be able to make good use of this to motivate and encourage their children to overtake mum or dad in their multiplication knowledge.

All of these modes are wrapped up in a polished, colourful, and clear graphical style supported by music and sound effects.  The app tracks the engagement and accomplishments of a single user.  While having only a single-user option can be a problem in the classroom, it is not so much of an issue with this app.  Its style suits short and frequent uses and it contains that most useful of functions - the ability to reset the data within the app.  It can be put ready for a new user very easily without all of the fiddling that so many other apps require for lack of having such an option.

This is a really good app.  It has one or two minor issues but nothing to put players off and they are the sort of issues that could be put right in future updates.  If you are in any doubt, there are trial versions available which will give you the chance to see how they fit your children's needs.  Whether you are downloading it for home use or school use, Times Tables and Friends will be a useful and fun support for children learning their times tables and is compatible with phones and tablets.

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Developer Description

Come along on Bear's multiplication tables adventure and be prepared for the online multiplication tables check (MTC) at the end of year 4 in primary schools!

Join Bear on his latest maths quest as he crosses rivers, mountains and forests determined to learn multiplication. Your children will laugh and have fun as they learn and solve times table problems alongside Bear, quickly becoming multiplication experts.

Learning with advanced teaching methods!

In addition to making learning multiplication tables entertaining and easy for children through multiplication games, Times Tables and Friends integrates research-backed, auditory-, verbal- and kinetic teaching techniques. In addition to colour recognition to support long-term memory acquisition.

Five interactive modes and more - for learners at all levels!

With five interactive modes available in just one application, learners at all levels and with various learning styles have a precious opportunity to develop their multiplication skills:

- Game mode: Follow along with Bear on his balloon journey as your child gradually progresses to more difficult multiplication table sets. Game mode features beautiful animated backgrounds and cute graphics guaranteed to make your child laugh as they build expertise in tables 1-12.

- Learning mode: Looking for an introduction to times tables or need help memorising new table sets for school multiplication worksheets? Learning mode offers state-of-the-art, scientifically proven Montessori-backed methods of teaching, using auditory, verbal and kinetic educational stages as well as colour identification to support memory acquisition. Engaging in listening, speaking aloud and writing out each problem, your child will enjoy learning their tables as they pass through each interactive task.

This mode's easy to follow, lessons are also perfect to give gifted children as young as 3-years old a head start to multiplication tables.

- Challenge mode: Designed for advanced learners, Bear cheers players on in challenge mode as they are too pressed to respond quickly to multiplication problems before the clock slowly runs out. Answer correctly to win more time with the help of a few handy bonuses that stop the clock, eliminate 50% of the answers or replace the problem altogether.

The more questions solved, the higher the score, giving your children a fun opportunity to compete with their friends, classmates, the rest of the leaderboard or their personal high score.

- Training mode: Need extra multiplication practice within a particular table or want to target the problems your child is struggling with most? Training mode allows users to select the problems they need help with most and answer as many correctly as possible. Unlike other applications, this approach additionally reinforces memory by having problems and answers read aloud. And of course, Bear joins along too

- Two Player mode: Play face-to-face on a single split screen and see who can solve math problems the fastest. Not the winner? Don't worry. With the help of the other app modes, your child will be on top in no time.

Additional Features:
- Earn and collect badges as you complete more tasks and display high performance in each of the modes.
- Track your child's progress through the achievements board. - Available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese opening the possibility for language learning too!

We recognise that not all children learn the same and for some, learning math may be hard to engage with. We hope to foster a love of learning in all children as they laugh, play and learn multiplication with the cute and lovable Bear.

The national curriculum in England specifies that pupils at the end of year 4 in primary schools should be able to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12x12.

We support pupils to master multiplication skills, which are essential for future success in mathematics!

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