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Adults can be part of the learning and practising process using this app to teach times tables. 

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This app sets out to help teachers and parents instil a mastery of the multiplication tables in their children.  According to the website, an 84-year-old former educator is behind its creation.

There are two sections to the app: a tutor section and a practice section.  In the tutorial, the times table is worked through a step at time.  As the voice over says it, a visual representation is shown. This representation emphasises that multiplication is repeated addition.  It uses numbers and symbols to show this.

The practice section is a quiz. The times table without the answer is shown and spoken.  The player is prompted to give an answer. The answering process is somewhat of a departure from the usual way of doing things. It is entirely manual.  

The player does not enter an answer or indicate it in any way. After a short while, the answer appears and the player taps a button to award themselves points if they got it correct. Otherwise, they just tap a button to go on to the next question.

It all seems a bit too manual but it could allow time for adults to talk to children as they reason their way through the answers.  Adults can also ensure that only points that are earned are awarded. Adults are needed to provide the rules and guidance that you'll be used to apps themselves providing. You may like the sound of an app where a human shapes the learning experience rather than the hard-coded rules of an app but it is a big departure from the norm.

Graphically, the app is garish and seems to need the input of a designer. There is little consistency between buttons, graphics and the presentation as a whole. Typefaces and their sizes don’t really match and are in varying colours.

A further quirk is the "bye" button. This shows the total points for the session but really does mean goodbye as the app has to be closed and reopened to access the exercises again.

Unusually for an educational app, the sound for this app is far superior to its graphics.  The multiplication tables and its answers are read out in a clear child's voice. Pacy and clear music accompanies the exercises although an option to turn it off if it becomes distracting would be very welcome.

This app only covers the 3 times table. All of the other multiples are in other apps and are available at a low price. The two times table app is available for free.  

It is worth downloading the two times table app to appraise the whole series for yourself. It works identically to the others and offers the same features. As this is an app that takes no-frills to its limit but in doing so is a considerably different approach, view it with an open mind.

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