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TIMEMAPS U.S. History - Historical Atlas

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TIMEMAPS have been highlighted as:
* Educational app for Middle School in the USA and Canada
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Discover US History with TIMEMAPS, a new way of looking at history.

Follow step by step the fascinating history of a nation that in only three centuries became the greatest world power. From the arrival of the first settlers on the Mayflower to the beginning of the XXth Century, through the American revolution, the westward expansion, the Civil War and industrialization, discover the events and the key figures which have made the United States the country of reference for the whole world.

A digital atlas with which you will allow you to see and enjoy the history of the United States as you have never done before:
• Detailed historical maps to follow and understand the development of the country during each period
• Informative articles about the main events and figures
• Spectacular photographs and illustrations with accompanying information.

With TIMEMAPS you can navigate through the main periods of the history of the United States:
• First Settlements (1600-1760)
• American Revolution and the Birth of a Nation (1760-1800)
• The Young Republic (1800-1835)
• Westward Expansion (1835-1860)
• The Civil War (1860-1870)
• Emerging as a Modern Nation (1870-1930)

TIMEMAPS – US History, a new way of looking at history. Discover it.

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