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Teach kids the concept of time

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About Timeland - Calendar & Clock

The application ‘Timeland’ is an app that teaches children the concept of time. The features include a child friendly calendar and clock to teach the concept of everyday activities as well as displaying how time moves on. This application is designed for children aged 3 to 7 and comes in a number of different languages. This application is free from in-app adverts and does not require a constant Wi-Fi connection. 

Timeland - Calendar & Clock Review

The application works on both mobile and tablet devices in a landscape mode.

Once opened the application has a short splash screen and then enters the main Home Screen. We would recommend that the developers consider holding the splash screen for a little longer to enable children to prepare for the application as it seems that it jumps in too quickly. The ‘Home Screen’ displays a real time clock in the bottom right in both analogue and digital formats as well as the date at the top. We like that both digital and analogue clocks are offered as there is real issue with children not being to read hands on a clock due to the fact they are always exposed to a digital clock through technology.

When the app is opened for the first time a timeline path is displayed with a simple icon and its time, afterwards your customised time line will appear when reopened. The timeline path can be swiped to the left to access the path further. The path is split into two colours blue and beige. The blue timeline path indicates how much time has already passed on that day and the beige line represents the time left in that day. As you swipe to the left to reveal another day you can see the timeline is all beige. You will also note that the date will change at the top as you swipe across.  Although the graphics are simple here the interface is uncluttered and responsive. The parental control icon can be seen in the top left. We were pleased that this was protected by a security calculation to gain access.

Once the parental security has been entered the ‘Home Screen’ enables a number of other features. The ‘Tick’ icon locks the screen again whilst the ‘24h’ icon switches between the 12 and 24-hour mode. This is a great feature for teaching both time modes which appear in the national curriculum for this particular age group. The ‘Question’ icon displays a simple set of instructions.

The ‘+’ icon enables the user to add an icon to the Timeline path. There are a number to choose from such as buildings, celebrations, food, people, school and many more. All of these categories display further icons within the menu (over 40). Once an icon has been chosen such as Food and cereal the user has the option to add a ‘single’ icon or a ‘series’. The ‘single’ icon displays the one event at one given time whereas the ‘series’ icon displays the event through each day in the timeline at the same time such breakfast every morning. Once the icon has been added it can be edited, unlinked to the series, scheduled, deleted and renamed. This is an excellent feature that allows for complex parental customisation. We named many of the ‘people’ icons to friends and family who were visiting. It is a shame that when the icon is pressed we cannot see the name of the icon just the graphics. This may be due to the targeted age range and the developer wanting to keep the app as text free as possible. The developers should consider adding some sound to the application or some interactive graphics such as animals in the field to entertain the younger users.

Once the parent has set up the icons within the timeline they can press the ‘tick’ icon to lock it. It is noted that once the app has come out of the parental mode the icons cannot be changed or moved by the user. Although we understand this principle we felt it would be beneficial for the user to also be able to move the icons to some extent along the timeline. Maybe a further option called ‘create your own timeline’ could be introduced for the child. The ability to access the calendar to a specific date is ideal to map out events for the child on a particular day such as their birthday or a week leading up to an event such as a holiday. This visual display is very easy to follow and understand due to the simple nature of the interface and the clear graphics. 

There are numerous applications on the market that teach children how to tell the time and understand timelines. Very often these are poorly executed and over complicated. ‘Timeland’ has been executed extremely well and the uncluttered, uncomplicated nature of the app gives it a real charm and educational value. ‘Timeland’ is a good app that can be used by young children with their parents or unsupported once the timelines have been set up. The application ‘Timeland’ comes recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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Sebastian Kindermann

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