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Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]

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  • age 5+

About Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]

A great app, at times addictive, and certainly develops children’s mathematical understanding as they are able to practice their times tables, through a combination of questions and game play. 

Teacher Review

This user friendly app allows children to practice their times tables through a variety of game play and traditional questioning.  Following a ‘learn, train, play’ model, it shows children their times tables, allows them to practice at 3 levels of difficulty, then allows game play, which extends and develops their learning, enabling them to link mathematical concepts.

Upon opening, children are presented with three very clear options: learn it; train by myself or play.  The first option, “Learn it” is extremely basic, displaying the times tables from 1-10, allowing children to practice.  The second option, “train by myself” allows the children to select their preferred level of difficulty: beginner, medium and expert, and then practice.  For the beginners, times tables are presented as multiple choice questions, and appear in order.  On medium settings, questions are still multiple choice but appear in a random order.  While for expert level, children are required to enter the answer as a figure.  This logically directs the pace and level of learning and children are able to repeat or return to a previous skill before progressing to the next stage.  The final section, “play” has the same three levels of difficulty and offers a different twist on the traditional flashcard concept, allowing children to drag and drop answers onto a number square.  It is this section that really gets children thinking as they are presented with a number square from 1 to 100 and are required to move the numbers into the correct position on the squares.  This ingeniously simple concept is addictive and brings out numerous mathematical concepts: sequences emerge; children practice counting; square numbers can be seen; they deduce that 9x4 is the same as 4x9 and subsequently that 36 has multiple solutions.  Indirectly, and to some extent subconsciously, children identify many of these patterns through this game play.  This feature alone is the main selling point of the app and worth every penny!

There are several less well advertised features of the app too.  The option to add multiple players, change avatars and a player’s name, revealed when you press the transparent player one button.  There’s also the option to see your rank, the comparative position out of the total number of players.  And finally, children can see statistics, from the settings menu.  Overall, a great app, at times addictive, and certainly develops children’s mathematical understanding.

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  • Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]Time Tables Jungle App for Grade 3 [FREE]


Learn or review your multiplication tables with the animals of the jungle.

- Progress according to your level.
- 3 difficulty levels each with 10 challenges
- Compare your score with all players
- Multi profile to create a profile for each sibling

No ads, no connection to social networks, no internet connection required.

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