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Time For Bed Little Ted

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Time For Bed Little Ted

Time for Bed little Ted is an application suitable for children 5 and under. The app is a brightly coloured storybook that makes for a great bedtime read. The app tells the story of the bear Little Ted and includes interactive games, story narration, voice recording and colouring pages. The app provides calming music and beautiful graphics supporting in English and Spanish.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a brightly coloured homepage with several options. These include ‘Read to me’, ‘Read to myself’, ‘Record my voice’ and the ‘Colouring Page’. There is also the option to change the app from Spanish to English UK and English American. It might be beneficial for the menu titles to change here when a different language has been chosen although we commend this feature. We love that some of the graphics are interactive on this opening page.
When the user has chosen the ‘Read to me’ icon the storybook begins. The first story page narrates the words in a calm soothing manner, highlighting words as we read for the children to follow. In-app instructions aid the user to help with the interactive page. The first task is to place the coloured items into the coloured baskets, these are both blocks and cylinders.
Page two enables the child to make the train run around the track. There are arrows at the bottom of the page to enable the user to go forward or return to the previous page. It is noted that although English UK has been selected the narration is still very much in an American accent. The next page enables the child to count and place toys into a shelf.
Page four enables the child to undress little Ted by placing his clothes into the drawer, this is excellent for understanding night time routines.
Page five lets the child dress Little Ted ready for bed moving onto page six where our users can wash little Ted’s face and turn on the taps. Page seven includes teeth brushing and then Little Ted is placed into bed.
We found the illustrations in this app fantastic however we found that some of our users continued to press other elements on the screen expecting more to happen. The next page encourages the user to get an adult to read a favourite book before kissing mummy good night. There is a delightfully illustrated book of Red Riding Hood here where different pages are displayed when opened. The final storybook screen finishes with Little Ted dreaming of his adventures. The light can be turned off here to darken the room. The sound is very calming and ideal for a bedtime story.
Returning to the Home Page the ‘Read to myself’ option can be chosen. This repeats the storybook without the narration encouraging the user to read the pages.
Returning to the Home Page the ‘Record my Voice’ option can be chosen. This again repeats the storybook however there is an option to record your voice whilst reading the book.
Returning to the Home Page again the ‘Colouring Page’ option can be chosen. This was a surprising feature and our users really enjoyed this section of the application. Two options can be found here, Colour in Little Ted or create your own picture. When choosing either option the user is given a selection of wonderful creative tools which include colouring crayons, an eraser, a camera for taking a screenshot, an undo button, a restart option and brushes of various sizes. This feature is great for creating wonderful colouring pages and is very responsive.
We recommend that the Colour Little Ted page should enable the user to fill in the picture with colours, keeping the colours within the drawing. Our users found this a little frustrating trying to keep the colour within the lines. A greater selection of pictures to colour and a direct print button would be of benefit.
We really enjoyed this app and the fact that it focuses on night time routines which for some families can be difficult. The app is simple, safe and child friendly. The simple drag and drop features and highlighted read along text make the app engaging and educational.
Overall this is a good app and with slight adjustments regarding features and increased content it could be an excellent app. 
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iPad, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


Cognitive Development
Communication Skills


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Krystal Hurley

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It's time for Little Ted to go to bed. Can you help him?

Professional voice actors read this calming bedtime story, which is supportive of early learning and has easy to use, fun interactions.

Features Include:

~~ Child-friendly interactions with 'Know What's Inside' seal of approval

~~ Original rhyming story in both English and Spanish, with UK/US spelling choice in English text

~~ Attractive and original illustrations by artist, Monika Suska

~~ Written by parent/teacher Kryssy Hurley

~~ Fun touch screen interactions and animations which do not overlap narration

~~ Random elements included on successive readings

~~ 'Record Your Own Narration' facility - a useful feature if a parent/carer plans to be away from home

~~ 'Read To Me'/'Read On My Own' options

~~ Additional coloring activity, with option to save picture

~~ Develops early reading skills and language development

~~ Supportive of Bloom's Taxonomy, U.K. Early Years Curriculum and U.S. Common Core Curriculum for Kindergarten

~~ Includes aspects of Personal and Social Education, including routines and self-care

This charming story app provides an enjoyable shared experience for parent and child. The background music is gentle, calming and complements the story. Depending on reading ability, the user can choose to read on their own or to hear a professional narration. Words are highlighted as they are spoken and, as each page of narration is followed, the user can then engage with the touch interactions. Activities include counting Ted's animals, sorting blocks by color, putting Ted's clothes in the drawer, helping him wash, and so on. Added details such as the random variations of Ted's dream, make successive readings slightly different. The coloring activity consists of a scene from the story and a free drawing opportunity. All drawings can be saved or put in the bin.

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