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A game for learning about time

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About Time Duration

Time Duration is an easy to use, child-friendly app that teaches children the topic of elapsed time. The app includes progressive multiple levels, excellent graphics and in-app support. This app is free from in-app adverts and free from in-app purchases. The app is available on the iOS/Windows platforms and suitable for ages 6 to 9.

Time Duration Review

Once the user has opened the application they are greeted with the developers splash screen which moves swiftly onto the ‘Home’ Screen. This is accompanied by calming background music and narration.

The ‘Home’ Screen provides a real-time analogue clock in the bottom left-hand corner, ideal for telling the time and a ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right. The ‘Settings’ icon provides several options which include:

Child’s Progress – This is a valuable feature that enables the parent to monitor their child’s progress including levels, total attempts and number of correct answers. We love this feature as it is a true reflection on the progress of the child and is ideal for a home or classroom setting. 

Level Descriptions – An insight into what the levels provide including information on 12 or 24 clock formats, time increments and duration.

Music – This enables the user to turn the background music on or off.

Sound – This enables the user to turn the sound on or off.

User Guide – This provides visual instructions for the application as well as a link to instructions on the developer’s website. It is noted that the visual instructions on the tablet are quite hard to read.

Once the first level of sixteen has been chosen the user is given a question such as ‘What is the difference between the times on these two clocks?’. The question is read aloud by the narrator, which is ideal for those who struggle with reading, with two clocks displayed below.

The user enters the difference between the clocks using the up and down arrows. We found this interface easy to use and very easy to navigate. The question is supported by a level and score in the top right along with times displayed in both digital and analogue formats.

An answer is entered using the green arrow. We liked the fact that these icons flashed to help the user on their next move. Once these initial levels have been mastered children can use this application without parental support. The developers may want to consider changing the colour of the question text from light blue to a darker colour as this is often quite hard to read and will support those with dyslexia who prefer a darker text on a non-white background.

A correct answer moves onto the next question whilst an incorrect answer supports the user by providing in-depth instructions that work through the example. We found this was an excellent feature that gave a clear understanding of the question asked and a simple way for the child to understand their mistakes. Dragging the arrows on the timeline is an ideal explanation that will appeal to visual learners whilst the narration will support those who may need a little extra help. It is noted that some of our users did not know what the ‘return’ button was, the developers may consider re-wording this?

Once the level has been completed the user is awarded stars according to their performance. The ‘Child’s progress’ in the ‘Settings’ menu shows how the user has performed including correct answers, total attempts and if the level has been completed. The first level requires 16 answers. It is noted that further levels cannot be accessed unless the previous level has been completed. Some users may find this slightly frustrating if they cannot get past a level, the developers may consider allowing the users to experience some of the further levels such as levels 1,5 and 10.

As the levels progress further topics are added such as in Level 2, which is the same as level 1, but this time focuses on the 24-hour clock removing am and pm. We like the fact that these skills are built upon enabling the user to gain confidence as the app progresses. Again all of this information can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu under ‘Level Descriptions’. Topics include hour increments, half-hour increments, and quarter-hour increments. These time increments are also started at different times such as starting on quarter hours with an increment of half hours. The levels are also repeated in the 12- and 24-hour format. The developers could also consider printable certificates for the user once the application is complete.

Time Duration is a great app for helping children practice the topic of elapsed time as well as teaching the basic elements of telling the time itself for both 12- and 24-hour formats. The gameplay is intuitive, visually appealing and has great educational value. This application comes highly recommended by The Educational Appstore.

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Critical Thinking
Life Skills
Academic Relevance
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