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About Timbuktu Magazine

Timbuktu Magazine is a great variety “magazine-games” app that will keep Primary School children entertained for hours. Just like the Children’s Features section in a Sunday newspaper, the app has a range of games, stories, ideas for activities, science knowledge, literacy and numeracy practice. The app empowers children to embrace learning as a fun activity. The content and quality of the app is very high and we have given the app an EAS Certification of 5 and EAS recommended status.

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Timbuktu Magazine Review

Children’s education doesn’t have to stop after school hours. Learning can be fun and a part of everyday activities for children.  It takes a really good app to achieve the learning process without it actually looking like it is a learning app.

Fortunately for kids, Timbuktu Magazine does exactly that. Kids will be picking up the app to enjoy the pictures, funny sounds, games and stories rather than thinking about the more arduous task of learning. Once you have subscribed to the monthly “magazine”, the app will automatically update itself.

We looked at one of the monthly apps. The games were very fun and our children thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the app. The first game “Whack-A-Mole” asked us to look at a series of food items that would pop-up from a series of cups. The user is asked to tap only on the food that is healthy. A multitude of burgers, fries and chicken wings pop-up amongst the broccoli, fish, apples and carrots. The more you tap on the correct healthy items, the more points that you get. If you sit with your child, this is a great opportunity to discuss healthy eating and healthy life-style. In the “News of the Month” section, there are different news items that come up in order to promote a discussion amongst children and adults. 

Our children really liked the numeracy and maths games as they approached them in the way of a brain teaser rather than a math or grammar question.  The space topics are equally entertaining as they provide very interesting and new information about the universe whilst also providing a varied vocabulary with highlighted words that have been given an explanation so that users can expand their vocabulary.

We really like the way that the app has been thought out. It provides Maths, English, Science, Life-Skills, Debate and Comprehension questions as the final activity after all the games have been completed. Moreover, it provides a fantastic opportunity to create talking points with your kids in order to debate real-life topics.

At the Educational App Store, we really enjoyed this app. This app is like a “Wired” Magazine for children. It’s sassy, nice to look at, engaging and brain cell enhancing! We would love to see the scores for each subject kept in order to track progression within each game for the kids. However, the app is fantastic as it is and children will really enjoy learning with it... even though they will think that they are just playing, but shhh! Don’t tell them that!

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