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Category: Special Education

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From the Developer

A fun, simple and educational way for children to learn how to tell the time.

An educational 'Tell the Time' game for children aged 3 to 7 years old. In a playful and easy to use form it educates on how a time should be defined and described whilst also providing a competitive element in order to boost the child's confidence. They learn how to read and set the clock – using both analogue and digital forms. 16 different times correspond to scenes from everyday life.

This game is designed to complement school curriculum mathematics and also encourages observational skills as well as providing a number of different settings in order to provide greater challenges as the child progresses.

For more detail on the manufacturer of the game please go to http://www.maxim-puzzle.pl/ or for information on this mobile version please go to http://www.playucate.com/

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Special Education