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Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue

International Rescue

  • Android, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 5+
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About Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue

The ever-popular adventures of the Thunderbird team form the backdrop to this good-looking app. Navigation and puzzle-solving skills are pushed in the name of providing an international rescue to those in-game characters calling for help.

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The famous countdown to the start of every Thunderbirds episode kicks off the action in this app based on the popular television show.  It has every appearance of a game and entertainment app, but if you look at the app's category it is placed under educational.

The app looks beautiful.  Superb digital models of the famous Thunderbird characters and vehicles are controlled by the player and characterful cutscenes introduce the missions and advance the story.  The geographical locations for the international rescues and general saving of lives fly smoothly past as the player tries to beat the clock. 

Most missions start off with a chance to navigate and follow a map.  As the player runs down corridors the world rotates around the player's avatar and the same happens as vehicles roll, fly and slide down the outside caverns.  The destination is marked by a red, pinging dot on the map.    With the time limit in play, reaching the goal can be quite frantic although power-ups can help (and hinder) progress.  The player must maintain an awareness of the world in relation to the rotation of the map and formulate a route, sometimes having to make a best guess where not enough of the way ahead is shown by the map.

Along the way, such as on narrow sections of the walkway, small challenges can be put in the way of the player where they must think quickly to solve a problem or carefully manipulate the controls.  At the destination, the player might need to hack a computer or manipulate a lock.  These are short challenges that require the player to work out what they must do quickly and then perform the task.  At the end of each overarching mission, the player helps to complete the log by selecting words to complete sentences in the most appropriate way.

The app is good fun and uses its characters and craft well.  Is it educational, though?

It provokes thought and the solving of problems.  It promotes quick understanding and encourages thinking in ways that might not be typical for many players.  It is non-violent and uses a familiar, child-friendly narrative to weave a story and set out the missions.  

On the other hand, these are quite nebulous skills and it would be untrue to say that other game apps, not labelled as educational, don't promote the same kind of skill development.  Navigation and quick thinking are, after all, not rare in purely entertainment titles.  The logbook completion feels a little 'tagged on' as it has no impact on the player experience and is not subject to any form or assessment.

This free-to-play app offers a good deal of content without requiring any payment via the in-app purchases and, although a few advertisements do have to be suffered, they are not obnoxiously frequent.  The payments add new levels and different craft to use.  The game looks and sounds great but, assessed on purely educational terms it falls short.  It is not mindless and it does not promote aggression so it is very child-friendly but its limited educational potential harms its assessment for this review but it is still an app that you might want to choose over others for your child's mobile device.

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Android, iPhone






Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - Yes - 3rd Party


Kuato Studios

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Screenshots for Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue

  • Thunderbirds Are Go: International RescueThunderbirds Are Go: International RescueThunderbirds Are Go: International RescueThunderbirds Are Go: International RescueThunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue


5…. 4….. 3….. 2….. 1… Join the Tracy brothers and help to save the day in Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue, the official game based on the hugely popular TV series!
We have a situation! Be the hero and help Virgil stop a disaster from destroying the Arctic. It’s a team effort, with John and Brains on hand to help guide you through your missions. Pilot Thunderbird 2 to the rescue, recover top secret items and race to save the day in the Ski Pod! Record and relive your adventures in your own personalised Mission Log. Good luck!
International Rescue is on the way, with new characters, vehicles and missions being added soon,
Game features:
• Become the hero as you help Virgil tackle perilous disaster stories
• Fly Thunderbird 2 around the frozen tundra performing daring rescues
• Test your navigational skills as you race to save the day in the Ski Pod
• Show your skills as you hack computer systems and recover top secret items!
• Relive your adventures in the Mission Log - choose your words to create your story and share with friends and family
Thunderbirds Are Go requires Android devices with 2GB minimum of RAM and Android OS version 4.3, for the following manufacturers: Samsung, LGE, Google, Sony, HTC and Motorola. You will need 205MB of free space to install. 
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