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My Body - Anatomy for Kids

Learn basics of human anatomy

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  • age 5+

About My Body - Anatomy for Kids

My Body is a splendid anatomy app that draws children into discovering all the fascinating things about their body in an engaging and funny way.

Teacher Review

My Body – Anatomy for Kids is a really useful app for the introduction of aspects of the science curriculum related ‘animals including humans’. The combination of text, narration, questions with feedback and funny but informative graphics and animations make this application one that is a useful addition to any busy primary teacher wishing to tackle a sometimes complex topic.

Downloading the app is very straightforward process and the user is immediately asked to choose a friend on the learning journey, with a choice of eight characters the child will easily find someone they can identify with. The background music is suitably innocuous but can be turned off, by navigating to the info menu, so that you do not have a cacophony of sounds in a large class! Once your friend has been chosen, in my case Katie, whose name is revealed by tapping on the icon, the application enters the ‘Growing’ section. The narrator, a young, enthusiastic girl, explains everything for you, she asks you to measure your friend with an animated tape measure and the height is then drawn off for you. At this stage of the program the user can have a choice of sliding across one of two arrow heads, the one at the top when drawn down moves you to the next topic, the one at the side will draw you into a number of extra pages to give the child a deeper understanding of the topic. This navigation system is common across all the topics, which include: ‘Growing’, ‘My Skin’, ‘My Senses’, ‘I am Hungary’, ‘Breathing’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘My Muscles’, ‘My Nerves’ and finally ‘My Skeleton’. On my journey through the app each page has an activity, this can vary between simply wiping a tissue across a snotty nose to answering a question on how many bones in a hamsters neck! These activities are amusing and engaging and act to draw the child’s attention to particular points of interest. At the end of each topic is a ‘Smarty Pants’ section, which provides the child with some very useful background information that extends their understanding.  All of the extended information displayed is eye catching, succinct and well written, which makes the individual topics interesting and memorable with the fascinating facts that are presented. The ‘My Growth’ section of the app contains a delightful data collection exercise on wiggly teeth, body height and foot size, so that children can track their progress.

The graphics and animations are simply drawn in a stylized way to enhance the levels of understanding and the producer has cleverly put together a series of captivating interactive animations to really get to grips with a child’s understanding of sometimes, complex concepts. Of special note in the app, for me, is the jigsaw skeleton app, a very simplistic game but offering a really useful learning task. The narration is also simple but clever and each written text can be touched for the young girl to speak the sentence and reinforce levels of understanding.

This is an excellent app, obviously well thought out, planned and implemented by the producer. The help guide for the parent and teacher is easily accessible, if you know your times table, with some extremely useful sections of extension work and there appears to be a thriving social media community of users, always a good sign of a sustainable product. Overall this app is a worthy addition to a busy primary school teachers toolbox in need of a great solution to introduce ‘animals including humans’ into the class. My grandchildren loved it as well!

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  • My Body - Anatomy for KidsMy Body - Anatomy for KidsMy Body - Anatomy for KidsMy Body - Anatomy for KidsMy Body - Anatomy for Kids


Children explore and learn about the basic functions of the human body through hands-on gameplay – guided by their own curiosity. Guessing, rotating, pulling... in each area there is lots to discover and to do.
This app relies on the the initial STEM foundation and provides standards-based structured inquiry-based and real world problem-based learning, connecting parts from all four of the STEM subjects. There is also an emphasis placed on bridging in-school and out-of-school STEM learning opportunities. Created by a team of medical doctors, educators and parents.
My body - Anatomy for kids features information about all important aspects of the human body – all within a beautifully designed and illustrated app!
- Growing - how fast do we grow?
- My skin protects me
- The 5 senses - how do we see, hear, feel, taste and smell?
- I’m hungry! - the digestive system
- Respiratory system - your body needs oxygen 
- Circulatory system - your heart beats constantly
- Muscular system - exercise is good for you
- Nervous system - how information is transmitted
- Skeleton - why do you need joints?
- original artwork
- more than 100 illustrations
- no reading required
- voice-over read by children
- extra "little smarty-pants" for grown ups
- intuitive, safe, and kid-friendly interface
- fun for all ages, from toddlers to adults
- no rules or levels, curiosity is rewarded
- no marketing or advertising to kids
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