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About ThirdLeap Math Junior

A clever app that uses a combination of technologies to assist in the learning of mathematics: the Khan Academy online video tutorials; practice and assessment features; handwriting recognition software; an automatic calculation solver to assist users with their calculations; and progress indicators to highlight user engagement with the app.

ThirdLeap Math Junior Review

A clever app that uses a combination of technologies to support the learning of mathematics.  Upon opening this app, users have five different options: Homework; Learn; Practice; Assess and Progress.

The ‘Homework’ area gives users the opportunity to enter a calculation from which the app will take them through how to solve this calculation step by step.  For example, if they enter 3x+1=10 and press enter, the app will first demonstrate how to simplify to 3x=9 but taking 1 from both sides, then simplify the equation by dividing by 3 to find the value of x.  Helpfully, the app has a hint button that gives a clue to the necessary next step.  This can be clicked at each step, or in the final step, all hints are displayed alongside the calculations.  It will take a little understanding for users to become familiar with the language user for hints, but once they have acquired this, this feature will be extremely beneficial.  Also within this area, is a stylus and scratchpad feature.  The scratchpad acts as a jotting area for users to make notes, however, the stylus uses automatic handwriting recognition allowing users to enter handwritten numbers or letters to form an equation.  These jottings are then converted and can then be transferred to the calculator (and subsequently solved).  This feature is extremely powerful and can be used either in the classroom or at home to facilitate learning.  Students will love this feature as it allows then to solve questions without the need for additional support. 

The next section ‘Learn’ links to videos from the Khan Academy (an education website that contains a series of online YouTube tutorials across a range of subjects).  These videos are short and accurate, dictated with an American accent and using American English Mathematical terminology and they tend to focus on the pure elements of mathematics, namely the number skills rather than specific contexts.  This area seems to structure skills according to the order found in the Khan Academy – topics, skills and sub-skills.  Users can select the skills they wish to learn and watch the videos; however, since they are online, a constant connection is required.

The ‘Practice’ area allows user to practice individual skills, presented in a variety of formats, exposing students to a range of different questions.  They are able to work their way through the questions, again using the hint facility.  After practicing, students should move to the ‘Assess’ area which presents five different questions at the desired skill level for students to submit in an exam style format, intended to assess their learning.  At the end, these questions are marked red or green, however, it can be a little difficult to receive feedback from this assessment as some questions not as apparent as others. 

The final area, ‘Progress’ includes basic statistics around user engagement, including time spent using the app; concepts covered; problems practiced, attempted and correctly solved; and points earned.  This can be valuable for teachers or parents as it allows them to see the time and skills spent learning.

Returning to the homepage, there are also other options available from the top right hand corner: feedback; change grade; refer friends; privacy policy and logout.  It should be noted that first install of this app can be a little annoying: mandatory login with either Facebook; Google plus or Thirdleap Math account; a request to purchase an annual license; a request to invite friends and then a further request asking whether you really want to skip. 

Worthy of its four star rating: simple videos; fantastic handwriting recognition; automatic calculation solver; alongside practice and assessment features.

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