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About Thinkrolls

Thinkrolls is a cleverly designed app that introduces children to the early stages of scientific principles. As the name suggests, kids think while they roll, or rather, while a cute ball-shaped character rolls through a variety of mazes and face challenges as they go. This app not only will improve fine motor skills but also deliver some real education value to any science lesson. There are limited instructions, so children have to think critically and employ physics logic to figure out how to solve each level.

App progresses as follows: Chapter 1 Cookie introduces kids to basic reasoning and helps them practice fine motor skills such as click drag and slide. Chapter 2 Introduces kids to basic physics such as gravity and friction kids learn to move crates out of the way, use them to cap holes or use them as steps to rise to higher ground. They estimate height and distances to avoid entrapments. Chapter 3 Introduces kids to additional physics concepts such as upward lift and sudden burst. Chapter 4 Introduces kids too heavy objects, density, altitude and falling speed. Chapter 5 Introduces kids to elasticity, bouncing and impetus. Kids use the jelly to jump up and reach higher floors. Chapter 6 Introduces kids to temperature, liquefaction and the properties of fire and ice. Chapter 7 Introduces kids to advanced fine motor skills that require synchronization, accuracy and patience! Two types of elevator serve as transportation inside the maze.

Teacher Review

A well-developed ability to solve problems and an enjoyment of doing so can help children greatly in their education.  The tenacity required to solve problems helps children to learn not to give up.  The diversity of problems helps children to combine and apply their knowledge from different sources.  Observation and experimentation are rewarded as different strategies are employed.  There are no subjects dedicated to problem solving but they all depend on it.
Thinkrolls is a beautifully designed app that leads young children through a series of many puzzles that gently increase in difficulty.  They think as they roll their character through a series of challenges.
The player’s interactions with the app are easy to understand and help to develop fine motor skills.  The requirements of each puzzle are clearly communicated to the player without using written words.  It is perfectly matched to its target users.
Children will have no problems playing through the many puzzles independently but will also benefit from and enjoy discussing and working through them with their parents.  They will get stuck and they will make mistakes but problems that are obviously solved are not problems at all.  Persevering with them lets children taste the satisfaction of not giving up.
The app has carefully judged how to deal with mistakes.  There is no punishment to demotivate children.  Whole puzzles do not have to be restarted from scratch.  Players go back to the last part of  the level where they were on course and work out how they should have progressed.
The puzzle solving is the main attraction of this app but it also introduces a number of scientific principles as it does so.  Buoyancy, friction and momentum all help or hinder the solutions.
It is easy as a parent to be attracted to literacy, numeracy and other subject-themed apps.  They are clearly important skills but don’t forget the more general skills that have a wider usage.  Apps exist to cover these.  Thinkrolls is such an app and does it perfectly.
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Android, iPad, iPhone



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Set your child’s mind in motion. Thinkrolls are the 18 hilarious characters in this educational app that's one part rolling ball platformer, one part physics puzzler and 100% irresistible for kids 3-8.

Kids will have a blast navigating their Thinkrolls through a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes. Each chapter introduces a new object with unique physical properties which kids discover through hands-on manipulation. Little players encounter and use to their advantage force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity to get their Thinkrolls where they need to go.

Thinkrolls has all the trappings of popular platformer and physics puzzlers, but it incorporates a wealth of educational content. It appeals to children’s natural curiosity and challenges them with gameplay that fosters creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Each of the 90 easy and 90 harder levels gradually build upon successive lessons to strengthen observation, reasoning, problem solving, spatial cognition and memory.

There's no failure here. As kids try different combinations to clear a path through the maze, they intuitively learn through trial and error what works. There's also a strong element of executive function. Kids must plan out their moves in advance, use precise timing and rely on their memory to reunite their Thinkroll buddies. Parents can virtually see the wheels spinning in their children’s heads as they orchestrate their moves.


Cookie - Kids get accustomed to the fine motor skills needed to navigate the mazes as they munch cookies to clear a path.

Crate - Any child who has pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter in order to reach the cookie jar will know what to do with the crates.

Balloon - Buoyancy gets added to the mix as kids burst balloons on spikes.

Rock - Kids get a crash course in Newtonian physics as they discover that dropping a heavy, dense boulder will generate enough force to break through cracked ground.

Jelly - Bouncing on beds isn't necessary when there’s a springy jelly available to launch the Thinkroll out of valleys and up onto peaks.

Fire - The crackling sound of flames will alert kids to a burning hazard ahead, but ice blocks put out the fire.

Elevator - The culmination of everything kids have discovered and processed so far has them coordinating all the elements as they synchronize movements of two different elevators.


• 180 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles
• Easy mode for ages 3-5, hard mode for ages 5-8
• Experiment with gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, friction, elasticity and more
• Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory, observation and more
• Track progress for up to 6 player profiles
• 18 hilarious super smart characters to play with
• Supreme design and beautiful artwork
• Original soundtrack and sound design
• Language neutral game-play

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