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About Think!Think!

Think! Think! is an app that provides a series of mini games to develop the child's intellectual and problem solving skills, these particular skills included, special recognition, shape comprehension, trial and error, logical thinking and numerical processing. Each game is timed and ranked in accordance with the users age and scores are provided to track the progress and performance. The Child can only work on three games a day and the total time for the day is limited to ten minutes. 

Think!Think! Review

Think! Think! Is easily downloaded and quick to draw the user into playing the game. The introductory screen is bright and cheerful with the customary computer game music which is rather bland but strangely appealing. The start button begs pressing by squeezing out at you in a rather impatient fashion.

Top left of the start screen is the parent button marked ‘grown-ups’ after the customary difficult question the screen moves to a selection of four buttons. The ‘News’ button is fairly straightforward and provides parents with the latest news on the new features provided. The ‘About’ button provides a brief overview of the development team with a group picture. There is also a button for you to contact the development team with an online email system. The ‘Settings’ section provides you with a number of useful options. The device can be set up to remind you of when next to use the game. The user has a choice to switch off or on, push notifications and sound; volume control and language choices are also available.  The account details provide an account number and device number for the user to note if they want to change devices. The ‘delete user’ button lets the parent delete one of the three users available.

When the child chooses the impatient ‘Start’ button they have the opportunity to set up three users, once set up each user is provided with five medals for starters. The child then has a choice of five games, ‘Lucky Balloon’, ‘Will it fit?’, ‘Short Circuit’, ‘Picture Puzzle’ and ‘3D Maze’. They can only choose three of these five games offered for the day. When the child choses a game they are provided with a dashboard that explains the game with an icon, the stage they are at, three levels, and the score, The Score Board provides a personal best indicator and a ranking according to same age.

The mini game provides the child with the facilities for a hint, to reset and skip, the top right of the screen has a stopwatch timing down the three minutes allowed and the score so far. This was slightly intimidating at first until I realised that the whole thing can be paused with a handy pause button on the top left of the screen! I thought that I was fairly competent at the picture puzzle until I had finished and realised that my paltry score of 40 with a pretend age of 4 had ranked me at 1528! My wife faired better with her account set as an 8 year old, and with her high score was able to tackle some more challenging questions, so obviously the game is graded intelligently, unlike the reviewer.

The developers have also provided the user with a ‘quest’ section that can only be accessed after three days, this section gives weekly and ongoing challenges with trophy rewards which make the 3 games per day more exciting (for example, answer 10 questions correctly in a row, or play all three games in one day.)

I was pleasantly surprised that this unashamedly computer game orientated educational app is fun to play. The algorithm that lays behind the programme is intelligent and will draw many children into the games. The idea that ten minutes of play a day is also politically correct and breaks the obsessive cycle found in many games. Overall a game for any parent or teacher needing to engage children in a healthy amount of gaming and maths.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
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Thinking & Reasoning


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