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Think-In is a literacy and reading based app that aims to help young children in their journeys to becoming confident, competent readers by focussing on reading comprehension skills. Most reading apps focus solely on the phonics and decoding sides of reading, which although are important are not the sole aspects of learning to read. Being able to understand and interpret language is also an important facet and one that quite often gets overlooked even though understanding what you’re reading leads to enjoyment around reading which is the most important thing when it comes to encouraging and producing competent readers.

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It is clear that the developers of this app have a passion for reading and want to help young children to gain this pleasure too. Think-In is an app that helps young children to learn how to think beyond just the decoding of words in a text or a story and more about the meaning of the words and the story that is being told. Learning to read is an incredibly complex process and one which are still not able to do with precision and accuracy. However, we do know that there are many facets to learning how to read that include, decoding, phonemic knowledge and also comprehension. The developers of this app clearly understand this and have produced an app that helps young children to not only learn comprehension but also hopefully to help them develop a love for reading too.

The app is very well designed and set out and so is incredibly easy to use. Upon opening the app the user is taken to the homepage where they can choose from three options; entering the main content of the app, entering the settings menu and learning more about the app. The settings menu allows the user to edit what they have set up in the main content of the app and the information menu leads them to a more detailed understanding of the app and how to use it to get the best out of its learning.

Once the user enters the main content they are able to set up the user by creating a profile. This includes adding a name for the user, a picture if you wish, and also setting up who the work can be sent to, via email, if this is something that you wish to happen. There is room for three different users on the account that can all use the app simultaneously. Once this has been completed the user is then asked to input a picture of the book they are reading. The real beauty of this app is that it can be used with any book that a child is reading. There are no books uploaded to the app but the idea is that the child uses the app alongside the book they are reading. They do this by taking pictures of the pages they want to say something more about or to share they things that they are thinking about concerning the story. Once a picture of the page has been taken the child is given the option of a number of sticky notes. These sticky notes include; A Connection I’ve made, A Part I like, A Picture Clue I found, A Prediction I have, A Question I have, A Strong Feeling I have, A Word I need Help with and Something I Learned. The idea then s to attach these notes to the certain pictures in the book where the reader has something to say about one of these points. On top of this they are then able to record more information as the app uses the microphone, to allow them to give a greater description of the reason they have selected that sticky note. For instance, if they have selected the sticky note about a picture clue then this would be the opportunity to explain this in more detail.

I can see this being both a powerful app inside and outside of the classroom. Within an education setting there is the opportunity to really bring reading to life with the addition of having pupils use this app whilst they are reading on their own or maybe with a parent. Being able to then send what the user has created, sticky notes and verbal descriptions then allows a teacher or parent to track the progress of the reader or to give them feedback on areas they may have struggled with or deepen conversations with them around questions or statements they have made.

Overall, I think this is an excellent app that can give a whole new definition to reading any book for young children who are learning to read. The fact that this app can be used in a number of different ways only adds to its quality.

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What does Think-In do?
Think-In has a collection of electronic sticky notes for children to attach to the pages of any fiction or nonfiction text to show their thinking before, during or after reading. Each note targets a different reading comprehension strategy.

What problems does Think-In solve?
Think-In was designed to support the Common Core Language Arts standards for K-2 readers, but can easily be adapted to fit any Language Arts curriculum. Screech the owl, Think-In’s guide, prompts readers to practice and build many essential literacy skills.

What is unique about Think-In?
The app allows a child to read any book, choose from a series of sticky notes that each represent a different reading comprehension skill, and then record their thinking orally. The app then turns all this work into a movie which can be saved to the camera roll, emailed to a parent or teacher, or sent to a class blog. All with just one click!

Why should someone download Think-In rather than something else?
Using Think-In will not only make children strong readers, but also create independence and a love for reading. Celebrate the behaviors you wish to see more of.

Happy Think-In!

This App is designed and developed by Conscience Information Technologies.

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