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Then and Now Series: Black History

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While Black History In An Hour is long overdue for an update it still allows those who want to learn more without investing too much time to get the most important facts on the most salient topics.

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The Then and Now Series offers an informative look into the lives of 100 people in history. The initial product covers 100 people in Black History. Coming soon will be history on various ethnic groups including Latin, Italian and others. Then and Now: Black History provides an image and biography of each of the 100 people covered. In addition, many of the screens for the people we cover have a link to online video or music to bring you closer to the person in history.

This app goes beyond the US to the rest of the West and into Africa, but it focuses mostly on key events in the history of African Americans particularly during slavery. It's not meant to be a comprehensive eBook, just a starting point for discussion or further study.

Then and Now Series: Black History delivers informative biographies for 100 inspiring and important figures in history. The app features a searchable list including information and media on Nelson Mandela, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King Jr., just to name a few. Students can share the biographies through email or print them. Then and Now Series: Black History is a simple, but handy resource for quickly accessing information. It serves as jumping off point for research projects and students interested in independently studying black history.

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