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The Turtle is Getting Married

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Developer Description

This is a tale of an island embraced by sea, an island named Taiwan.

The tale circulated around the northern region of the island, where two groups of completely different turtles dwell. A “major event” occurred recently in their respective villages.

In a time of flourishing digital publication, local artists may reinterpret and produce stories of their homeland to readers across the globe through digital publication. Kaifeng Kama hopes to redesign a rich and diverse reading landscape for children of the new era via digital media.

Teacher Lee, a senior author of children’s literature who is fond of composing life stories, lived in Japan for many years while focused on the study of children’s literature and education. Lee’s work received first place in the Sixth Hong Chien-Chuan Children’s Literature Award, her work “The Tale of Chun Chu Village” was also critically acclaimed.

Teacher Cheng was honored with the title “The Godfather of Taiwan’s Children Literature”. Over the years Cheng played many roles like illustrator, translator and editor all at once, introduced excellent picture books from Europe, U.S. and Japan into Taiwan and is currently endeavored to promote art education for children and children picture books. Cheng’s passion lies in watercolor and oil painting.

◎ Art Feast
Teacher Cheng infused almost a century of art experience with multiple media to create a unique and opaque illustration of ocean and festivals, bringing a lavish art feast to children. Within the picture book Cheng used media such as color-paper, crayons, color pencils, correction fluid, vegetables, and emphasize the protagonist in a playful manner with clipping and crayons. One of the techniques Cheng employed, crafting stamps with blocks of diced carrots, represent a taste of traditional open banquet in Chinese culture. An original and fascinating approach.

◎Focus Reading

[Local reading shapes multi-cultural perspective]
The content is suitable for children above the age of 10. It acquaint them with reading materials containing local features, and encourage gradual develop of multi-cultural perspectives and independent thinking skills by linking reading experience and real life experience.

[ Non-fiction reading develops in-depth comprehension ]
The content of the interactive supplementary booklet is presented in the form of non-fiction, to encourage the reader attain knowledge pertaining to the reading material and develop the ability to reorganize, interpret, criticize and elaborate text, ascend the reading skills from text comprehension to in-depth comprehension.

[ Themed reading practices non-linear reading ]
Extract elements from the tales within the picture book, design elaborated theme in supplementary booklet, and guide readers in discovering meaning in thematic reading material, train diverse text material and non-linear reading skills.

◎Digital Experience

[Picture Book]
Browse through the tales and pictures in high definition instinctively with a touch of the screen.

[Interactive Booklet]
Abundant elaborated reading material presented in text, image, 3D diagram and interactive content to enhance digital reading experience.

Instantly toggle between Chinese, English and Japanese.

[Knowledge Map]
A database only a click away, aid in exploring the tales and geographical features where the story takes place.

Train your puzzle solving skill and memory with “Troubling Chef” and “Flip the Yehliu Rocks”.

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