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The Tree I See - Interactive Storybook

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  • age 5+

About The Tree I See - Interactive Storybook

STORY LINE : Watch as a young boy spends time with a tree who constantly gives and shares unconditionally with friends of the wilderness. Your child will learn how friendships are formed by sharing with others. An important life skill for all of us to learn - ★★★★★ Award - BestAppsforKids 2012 -

★★★★★ Recipient of 'Appysmarts' Favorite Badge Award - 2012

★★★★★ "Top 15 iPad Book Apps – Most Exceptional Use of Animation" - The Digital Media Diet.

★★★★★ Developed by The Ayars Animation Team - Recipients of (2) Kirkus Starred reviews for exceptional story book APP design.

Our story is for toddlers and children of all ages, offering elements to improve a child's "working memory" and re-call ability as they read. The Tree I See offers a consistent illustrative theme and gradual character integration, to maintain focus and build upon your child's literacy skills. Watch and enjoy your children, as they learn to read on their own while exploring our magical, engaging, fully interactive storybook. Fun for the whole family... This is a Storybook APP you don't want to miss !

♥ The Tree I See - A Message for All ♥
All of us will encounter a dark moment during our lifetime, but it is important to remember that loved ones will remain nearby in our hearts, minds, and memories, whether visible or invisible. As the light shines through, we realize that our loved ones will never leave us and stay by our side through any difficult time we may encounter.

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ANI-MOTION – constant animation and motion, creating a true living storybook experience.

BUILDING BLOCKS – Learn about our flying friends and what is needed to build a home.

MUSIC INTERPLAY – Each page adds a new musical component, offering a dynamic chorus.

PARALAX EFFECTS - tilt your screen to observe these 3D effects


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Sharing your review will help increase Autism Awareness and support for Autism Organizations and families across the world. 10% of our proceeds will be given to Autism Speaks.

★★★★★ 5 Star Review ★★★★★
"Possibly the most pleasant part of the story, is how it has developed my son's understanding of the emotional responses of others. Despite being high functioning on the spectrum, he still struggles with understanding others emotions as well as his own; My son is ten and found the story to be enchanting and it has quickly become his favourite App on his iPad. This gets a 5 star rating from the team at MAIN. " CONTENT REVIEW STAFF - MAIN – TAKING AUTISM PERSONALLY - Stockton Teesside, United Kingdom.

Contact us: For any technical issues please email our support team so we can help you right away.

Author & Director: Robert J Mascarelli
Illustrations: Frank Grau Jr.
Animation: Frank Ayars
Original Score: Julian Cisneros

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Teacher Review

‘The Tree I See’ is an interactive storybook about a boy meeting a tree which comes to life and then forms friendships with the boy and other woodland characters. It explores the themes of friendship, feelings and sharing. I tried it out with my 5 and 8 year olds who were both captivated by the illustrations and also the interactive features which animate the characters. This app is suitable for early years and also slightly older children. The app is very versatile because there is an option to read it yourself or to turn the narration off, you can also have a read along box displayed or hidden.

The app is very simple to use and young children will easily be able to explore it themselves. There are hot spots on every page and mini games on some, which we found particularly engaging. The app can be used either to develop a child’s ability to read/retell a story or as a starting point for discussions on feelings, sharing and friendship which are all explored within the app. My children were very quick to identify and empathise with the changing feelings of the tree character and this initiated discussions about making and keeping friends.

The way the app explores feelings and interactions between the characters makes it particularly useful for use with young children on the autistic spectrum or those with social/emotional difficulties either as a standalone activity or starting point for further work.

Overall the app is well thought out and engaging, it is simple enough to be used by children on their own or the themes can be explored more fully with adult support in order to further discussion and to explore emotional intelligence skills as well as skills of communication.

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  • The Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive StorybookThe Tree I See - Interactive Storybook