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The Spinning Letter Castle

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Developer Description

Let's find the same name as the picture

“WAOCHI!” is an intellectual education game series for young kids, developed by WAO Corporation. “WAOCHI!” contains the applications which are divided into 5 categories, “intelligence”, “sensibility”, “expression”, “autonomy” and “basis for school attendance”.
Only you do is just touching on the screen, chatting, and tilting the iPhone/iPad, and your kids learn above games unconsciously.

qualifying age: 3 years old and over

"the spinning letter castle"(discipline-languages, subject-Comprehension of letters)

Let's find the same name as the picture. Letters shows up when you wind up the screw. As you complete it, beat the "OK" drum. Then you can enter the next room. As you proceed, you will something there!

Purpose of this game:
It is the practice application for combining things' name and Japanese letter "Hiragana". The purpose of this application is not only to memorize things, animals, daily goods and so on, but also to learn how to write them with Hiragana.

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