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From the Developer

For anyone who is curious about the best way to fix a puncture on a bicycle.

It features:

- "How To" instructional videos
- A glossary of terms, tools and parts
- Tips and tricks on puncture prevention
- Puncture Resistant Tyre Reviews
- App Twitter Feed
- Details of Cycle Maintenance Courses

Whether you're a regular commuter, an occasional leisure cyclist, a hardened mountain biker or an avid road rider there is one thing that unites everyone with a bike, the occasional puncture.

This app offers you step by step video tuition for every stage in getting your bicycle back on the road from removing the wheel quickly and easily, right the way through to the fiddly job of getting the tyre back on once the inner tube has been fixed.

It is the first dedicated puncture repair app on the market, developed by a community owned co-operative with experience of teaching puncture repair to everyone from primary school children to Oxford university lecturers. This app has been designed to be friendly and easy to use by a training organisation with tried and tested approaches to teaching the basics of cycle maintenance.

A extensive gallery allows you to select the part of the repair you need bite sized tuition in. A glossary of terms empowers you in all the part names you'll need to know and our prevention section suggests reliable ways to reduce your chances of picking up future punctures.

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