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About The Poetry App

Poetry can be included in the 11+ exam in the Comprehension section or in the creative writing section. An exposure to a wide variety of poems and poets and an encouragement to create one’s own poetry can really help a child reach their potential both in the 11+ exam and in their English studies as a whole. 
The Poetry App is an ambitious attempt to open up the world of poetry to all. Lists of famous poems, poets and famous voices reading them are beautifully presented in app which invites you to climb into a hot air balloon and drift away inside the poems. 
There is also a place where children can create their own poems and store them alongside the works of Emily Dickinson or Auden. If you are short on ideas the ‘Inspire me’ button throws a list of thought provoking words onto the screen.

The Poetry App Review

This app does what it set out to do, it unites it’s users with the wide and exciting word of poetry in an engaging way. The graphics alone are enough to inspire children and adults alike to take a flight of fancy.
Before you use the app the handy tutorial takes you through the key features, but it is always easy to return to the main ‘room’ and get your bearings. 
The app is best used alongside your child as a minority of the poems do use rather adult language and have grown up subject matter. There are a wide range of poems available both by famous and lesser known poets. Children can be encouraged to read poems aloud, to explain what they feel about each poem and to add selected ones to their favourites. The font can be increased to make reading easier.
Some of the poems can be selected and read aloud by famous voices, adding to their rhythm and expression and providing a useful insight into how poetry sounds when performed.
In each section the search option allows children to look for poems on a particular topic providing inspiration from a wide range of sources. This inspiration can then be used to create poems and store them as little books inside the library. It is a great resource to use for all levels of education up to A level and beyond.
The app is supported by The Josephine Hart Foundation a charity set up to advance the arts, particularly poetry. It is a mine rich with beautiful poetry waiting to be discovered.

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