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About The Percentage Calculator

The Percentage Calculator app makes calculating percentages easy and quick. The app covers fourteen different calculations and scenarios involving percentages.

The Percentage Calculator app is free on iOS and Android devices, supported by ads, and some of its features are disabled. You can subscribe to the app for a low monthly rate or purchase a lifetime license to remove the ads and fully unlock the app's percentage calculators.

The Percentage Calculator Review

What is The Percentage Calculator app?

The Percentage Calculator app tells you all about itself in its title — it calculates percentages.

From simple calculations where you need to find a percentage reduction to complex ones, such as calculating compound interest, this app guides you where to enter the relevant numbers and then generates the answer.

Within the fourteen percentage calculator functions provided, the fully unlocked app includes the following percentage calculators:

  • Percentage of a value
  • Percentage change
  • Percentage difference
  • Percentage reduction
  • Compound interest calculator
  • Tip calculator

What we love about The Percentage Calculator app.

Is a percentage calculator app helpful? You might wonder if such an app is too limited in scope to be useful, but if you think about the different percentage calculations you might make, it starts to make more sense.

When planning your finances, you might want an app that takes the stress out of working out the effects of interest rates and compound interest. You might want to find the discount level in a sale quickly when shopping. Your kids might need your help checking percentage questions.

Even if you are confident in the math, many button presses are involved in percentage calculations. The Percentage Calculator app simplifies calculations involving percentages to make your life easier and help you avoid errors.

This app's focus ensures it is easy for everyone, whether they want to speed up their calculations or aren't confident in completing them manually.

What skills does it teach?

The Percentage Calculator app is a tool for solving calculations involving percentages. As we will detail later in this review of The Percentage Calculator app, it is a math tool with uses applicable to students and teachers.

What age is it appropriate for?

While kids in primary and elementary school will learn about percentages, it isn't likely they'll need a dedicated calculator to help them. When kids reach secondary, middle, and high school, they will start to work with more complex math questions, and this is when a dedicator calculator app might become beneficial to help check homework.

Is The Percentage Calculator app easy to use?

The Percentage Calculator has a straightforward interface. Getting the answers to your percentage questions is easy — you enter the relevant numbers and the app will instantly generate the result.

The numbers appear in a simple flow of information that helps you understand which one goes where. Following this text and entering the numbers should help you get the correct answer, even if you have no idea how to do the calculations.

How will students benefit?

Students can use the app to check the answers they have calculated for homework assignments.

The ownership of this app should not suggest to students that they should not learn to perform the calculations themselves, but it can help them check their understanding.

Students can answer questions from homework, textbooks, or the internet and then check whether they have responded to the question correctly. This app makes it simple to enter the relevant numbers and derive the answer they need.

The app also provides the formula to achieve each answer. The formulae alone won't be enough for most kids to learn to answer percentage questions, but it will be an effective reminder if they've not done them for a while.

How will parents benefit?

Parents helping their kids with homework or if they are homeschooling their children will find this app helpful to check their kids' understanding. This support can be especially reassuring for parents who are not fully confident in their math knowledge and don't want to risk giving inaccurate feedback.

Parents, like anyone else, will also find the app useful to get the answers to typical math problems that crop up in daily life.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can use the app to help them quickly formulate percentage-based worksheet questions with a corresponding answer sheet. It is easy to make mistakes when preparing questions for your students, especially after a long day of teaching.

Using this app, you can generate the answers rapidly and accurately, saving you from any embarrassing errors in class.

How much does The Percentage Calculator app cost?

You can download The Percentage Calculator for free and use four out of ten of the app's percentage calculators without paying anything, although the app will display advertisements. These are small banner ads which do not make using the app difficult.

If you choose to subscribe per month, you'll gain access to more of the app's percentage calculators, unlock your calculation history and remove the advertisements.

Alternatively, you can buy lifetime access to the app, which gives you all of the above without further recurring payments.

Both options are low-priced. The lifetime access costs 10x the monthly subscription meaning it will become better value after ten months of ownership.

Is The Percentage Calculator app safe to use?

The Percentage Calculator asks permission to track your use across other apps and websites. The app displays third-party advertisements, which this permission will support. You can refuse to give your consent. However, this will not prevent the ads from showing but will reduce their relevance to you.

What can The Percentage Calculator app improve on?

The Percentage Calculator carries out complex math but is quite a simple app. We were able to use every feature in the course of this review, and they all worked perfectly.  

Overall rating of the app.

The Percentage Calculator has a focused feature set, making it an efficient tool. Anyone who regularly works with percentages or struggles to carry out the calculations will find it speeds up their work and increases their accuracy.

It has to be a tool you need, but for anybody who thinks an app dedicated to calculating percentages would make their lives easier, The Percentage Calculator is a five-star app.

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