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The Particles is the definitive interactive guide to subatomic particles and particle
physics. Have you ever wondered what particle physics is and why the Higgs Boson is so important? The Particles will help you discover in an interactive and fun way.

- Discover the five families of subatomic particles - Leptons, Quarks, Bosons, Mesons, and

- Browse over 125 real particle ‘event’ images and videos.

- Read popular ‘biographies’ of each particle, describing its nature, role, and discovery.

- Hundreds of links take you to the A-Z of particle physics with its details and definitions of
key concepts, particle detectors, laboratories, and physicists.

Starting from an interactive fan design you spin and discover the five families of particles.
From there you select an individual particle and are taken to its biography and images.

The images range from historic cloud and bubble chamber photographs to the latest event
displays recorded by particle detectors at CERN, Fermilab, and other major laboratories.
They are accompanied by detailed explanations which explain how the particles behave, how
we observe them, and what it all means.

Also included are data tables for students or professional users, giving details on each
particle's mass, lifetime, charge, spin, quark content, decay paths, and so on.

To complete the app there are pages introducing the world of particle physics and giving
explanations of the names, symbols, and data used throughout.

The Particles has been developed by Science Photo Library in partnership with leading
physicist Professor Frank Close. It is a modern source of information on particle physics for

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