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About Night Sky

Night Sky is an educational app for iOS devices that allows its users to identify stellar objects like stars, planets, galaxies and constellations. Night Sky provides a unique and amazing app that enables users to identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellation and even satellites just by pointing the iPhone camera on the night sky. From the creators of the original Night Sky app comes Night Sky 4, the most advanced and beautiful stargazing app ever created. Night Sky app is now available across all iOS devices.

Night Sky Review

Night Sky is a long-running ‘planetarium in your pocket’ app that lets you shoot for the stars – no matter what time of day it is. If you're star-gazing without a knowledgeable guide, The Night Sky app is the easiest way to know what you're looking at and when.

Become an instant astronomy expert. Download the app, open it on your device and point it up towards the sky. The device's internal compass, along with the downloaded software will be able to pin-point exactly what you're looking at, whether it's Mercury, Mars or the Moon.

The app uses your device’s internal accelerometer to overlay a 3D rendering of space, complete with star systems and planets which appear as you hold your device up and move around the sky. The app can be used at any time of day and shows you what would be visible in that position if it was a clear dark night, or you had a telescope.

The app also looks to give you the best experience by offering weather reports for stargazing and notifications for special events. You can tap on various different celestial objects including stars, satellites and other bodies like the sun or moon to learn more about them and their position in the solar system.

The app also uses augmented reality to overlay objects onto the real world using your camera. You can also double tap on an object to pull it into focus before exploring around it as a 3D object, or, if you tap the moon symbol in the bottom right, you will be given a timeline where you can scrub to see what that area of the sky will look like throughout the day or later at night. Essentially time travel in space – Doctor Who, eat your heart out!

While THE NIGHT SKY isn't quite as robust as other astronomy apps like Redshift - Astronomy or Star Walk, ​the app is still a wonderful tool for stargazers and those who are interested in learning more about the night sky. 

Is Night Sky app free?

Night Sky app is free to download on iOS devices.

How much does Night Sky app cost?

Premium works on a subscription model of $2/£2 per month or $10/£10 per year, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that expensive. And this app truly shows you the grand scheme of things.

But one of Night Sky’s best features is its augmented reality capabilities. AR means that rendered objects and text can be overlaid on top of images captured by your device’s camera. This results in beautiful illustrations of constellations like Leo or Aries towering over your local high street.

If you opt not to use the AR mode, you’re still treated to an animated view which is just as impressive. This shows you the sky and cityscape with the night sky overlaid so you can see what you might expect to find at night.

Night Sky lets you also go to the moon, experience Moon tours of the Apollo 121 and Apollo 15 landing sites right in your iPhone, see the skies in augmented reality and more.


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You can download Night Sky on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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