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About The Mood Meter

Mood Meter is a simple app that helps students recognize their emotions. Mood Meter is a well-designed tool that encourages kids to reflect on and manage emotions. Mood Meter is designed to build emotional awareness, and can be used to simply rate current emotion, or can be used to also record why the user is feeling that way, and/or to view suggested strategies to use to move towards desired emotions. Download and use the Mood Meter app available on the App Store and in Google Play.

The Mood Meter Review

The mood meter app is a way of monitoring how you are feeling in order to identify patterns and contributing factors that impact your emotions. At regular intervals, you consider the nuance of your current feeling. (How pleasant or unpleasant do you feel, and how high or low is your energy?) .

Mood meter app helps build greater self-awareness to make more informed decisions. Mood meter track your emotions over time to notice patterns at home and work.

How does it work?

You then tap the appropriate colour quadrant on the graph (see left) and view the emotion word associated with your plot, ranging from miserable to ecstatic, as well as noting what has just happened to impact that emotion. 

As the app provides all the words for you to select from on a scale of emotional energy, this helps build your your emotional vocabulary. It also gives you the opportunity to reflect on and record why you are feeling that way.

This information is saved, so you’ll be able to check back over time to see if there are any patterns visible in your ever-changing emotions. 

The Mood Meter helps you identify your emotions throughout the day and supports you when you’d like to shift to a different emotion. Using the Mood Meter is quick and easy, helping you expand your emotional vocabulary and discover emotional nuances.

Is the mood meter app free?

Mood meter app is not free. Mood meter costs $0.99 to download on iOS and Android devices.

Is the app easy to use?

This app is easy to use. It has a welcome tutorial to walk a new user through the features and use of the app. Each user has the option of creating an account so that their mood/emotion ratings, reasons and personalised strategies can be saved. There is the option of setting reminders to remind the user to record their current mood/emotion. NB: Requires internet connectivity.

What did you like about this app?

Colourful, visually appealing and intuitive to use. Reports that track emotions over time can used to look for patterns in mood, and can be viewed will all emotions, or can be split into the different quadrants.

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Download The Mood Meter

You can download The Mood Meter on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the The Mood Meter app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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