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The Joy of Reading

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  • age 2+

About The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading is a reading app that will help young children in learning how to read. The Joy of Reading app teaches children the basics of reading and helps kids practice early reading skills.

Teacher Review

Joy of Reading is a very well developed app with a good understanding of how young people learn how to read and also, importantly, how games can aid in this process. The developer (Seven Academy) also has a very good website and one specifically aimed at helping with this app. There is a lot of information on there, including information from the experts involved in the app. This is a real nice touch as the information given really supports the quality and aims of the app and gives it a large amount of respect.

Within the app itself, there is also a section to download the user manual. This also has information from the experts (the same that is on the website) but again there is a wealth of information on gameplay, the actual games within the app and specific diagrams showing the progress that young people make through the app and the links these have to initial reading.

Once you open the app you are welcomed with quality graphics that carry on through the app. The gameplay is pretty reasonable and follows what users would expect from an app of its kind. On the first (homepage) there are a number of different options to click on, giving different menus and screens. These maybe aren’t as signposted as they could be and the user almost needs to click blindly on them to find out what they do rather than knowing what they are doing before they click. This however may be a small criticism as the app itself has been so well designed on every other front. Options that the user has from this homepage include changing the profile and adding new ones to track multiple users, start playing the game in full, add your own words to the app and viewing a book of all the letters of the alphabet. There is also an option to enter the adult side of the app where a user’s progress can be tracked and the user manual can be downloaded.

The adult menu is also where other features can be changed. This includes changing the language, creating accounts to make use of all the features within the app, seeing the other apps available from the developer and giving feedback about the app. The tracking side of this menu is extremely useful. It chronicles the time played as well as the progression in each of the different sections. This is given as a percentage, showing how far the user has completed each one.

The gameplay in the app, like all the other features is well thought out. The user needs to collect coins, by completing the learning of certain letters and words before they can ‘buy’ another word. This challenge aspect of the app will keep users engaged; in fact it certainly did with my five year old. She wanted to keep playing and earning coins to see which word would be the next one she could buy. The games revolve around breaking down letters and sounds and learning through a mixture of repetition, discovery and thinking skills. It also covers, expertly, all the areas needed when looking at initial reading. These include: letters and sounds, initial consonants, rhyming words, blending, short to long vowels, sight words and then the process of actual learning to read. Within these there are also sections in learning about letter formation and how to write and recognise letters another important part in learning to both read and write.

Overall the app has a lot of detail in it with a lot of expert knowledge clearly in view throughout. Not only is this evident in the content but also in the gameplay itself. The gaming aspect is one of the best I have seen and the graphics and ease of use are again of high quality.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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  • The Joy of ReadingThe Joy of ReadingThe Joy of ReadingThe Joy of ReadingThe Joy of Reading


The Joy of Reading is a comprehensive collection of 9 multi-level games that are designed to encourage early reading. An array of colorful animals supports the child according to their readiness as they are exposed to systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics.

*** The Joy of Reading is the winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award, the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice 2014 and was featured in more than 100 countries as an App Store Best New App ***

Embark on a guided adventure through our digital world and help your child become an emergent reader!

Developed with early reading specialist from McGill University, Dr. Robert Savage, and the English Common Core State Standards in mind, The Joy of Reading can serve as a preparatory tool for children entering elementary school or as a complement to what your child is learning in class.

Learn, play, and progress with The Joy of Reading!
Recommended Ages 3-6

This game targets the following foundational skills in reading as outlined by the Common Core State Standards for the kindergarten level:
> Phonemic Awareness
> Letter Tracing
> Letter recognition
> Rhyming and blending of sounds
> Differentiation of long and short vowel sounds
> Spelling
> Recognition of compound words
> Recollection of common high-frequency words
> Reading emergent reader texts with fluency

> 9 unique, multi-level games targeted to specific reading skills
> Multi-user interface
> Accessible to children with disabilities (VoiceOver compatible)
> Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
> Secure gaming environment: No ads, no external links, no in-app purchase, no social media access, no personal information request
> Pedagogical content developed with renowned expert in early reading and put to life by our team of teachers, video game designers, and programmers.
> Personalized and customizable play in the Sight Words game to include the child’s name and those close to him
> 3 different game modes: guided learning path, free play, or practice with specific words in ABC dictionary
> Real time dashboard to track progress
> Parent & Teacher handbooks
> Bright, colourful, and encouraging characters
> Clear, concise instructions

Seven Academy’s mission is to provide children with enjoyable early-learning activities using the latest technologies. Our team members, many of whom are young parents or teachers, strive to produce learning tools that motivate and inspire children to learn.

We take your child’s privacy very seriously, for this reason, we are proud to offer a product that is certified COPPA compliant by PRIVO.

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