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About The Human Body by Tinybop

The Human Body is an app that teaches kids of all ages about anatomy and biology. It provides an interactive model through which students can see the lungs breathing, the heart beating, and more. Human Body by Tinybop is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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The Human Body by Tinybop Review

The Human Body is an educational app that gives children an interactive look into our skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. This app is incredible and provides hours of fun interactive entertainment as well as high quality educational content. There are lots of different activities the children can play to learn about how the body works.

This app provides an interactive look at the senses and systems of the body. Different levels of play allow users to swipe and play or read about formal names of body parts. Users can also record audio questions and observations.

What we like about Human Body app?

Students will even find sound effects to teach them how gas moves through the digestive system. The unique app teaches kids about the nervous, circulatory, immune, and other systems within the body. Notably, kids can even feed the body and see how the muscles behave while running. Kids learn all about how the body works and what makes each individual system function.

We love the layered system of the human body and the attention to detail. Try feeding the human and see what happens, the gurgling stomach and strange intestine noises are great. The content is available in 5 languages and is simply the best human body app in the App Store.

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Download The Human Body by Tinybop

You can download The Human Body by Tinybop on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the The Human Body by Tinybop app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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  • The Human Body by TinybopThe Human Body by TinybopThe Human Body by TinybopThe Human Body by TinybopThe Human Body by Tinybop
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