The First Picture Book Ver2

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"The First Picture Book Ver2" is an educational picture book for the newborn using a theory of primary colors + black and white. Have included a picture of 18 points. While the baby is born in general often do not seem to see the eyes, if not actually see a clear contrast. Theory becomes black and white, focusing on this, and some experimental results of development of intelligence and good sports in the black and white baby toys. I think that a great reaction in babies and show this picture book. I also added pictures from the three primary colors for this. 4 months is likely to be red, yellow and blue primary colors are seen. Until about 4 months of age to stimulate the brain in black and white, then develop a sense of color in the three primary causes. By using this picture book, I take the baby to communicate with than ever before. Us, please try using this book. My son was happy with this show when it Guzutsu.

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