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About The Elements in Action

Elements is one of the best periodic elements app that brings back the metal and gases to life with some incredible footage of chemical elements filmed by BAFTA award winner Max Whitby. Every element in the periodic table is literally bursting with activity, displaying a teaser video that illustrates each element's unique properties or uses.

The Elements in Action Review

It's an interesting look at the elements from BAFTA award winner Max Whitby and Theodore Gray, author of the popular book and app The Elements. 

When you click on an element, you can watch a short video that showcases a unique property of the element. An accompanying description provides you with some interesting facts on that element and how it is used in the real world. 

The app is intuitive, easy to navigate and a great tool for explaining what can often be a difficult topic to explain to students where chemical elements are not available in a classroom situation. There are many periodic table apps available but this is by far one of the best and although the content is presented in a scientific manner the videos will appeal to all key stages.

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