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About The Amazing Train

The Amazing Train is an original adventure story told through the eyes of four children from the splendid City of Lakes, Udaipur, India. It is an interactive, colorful and magical book app in which reality is infused with fantasy.

“The Amazing Train” brings a new narrative into the genre of cultural book apps for children. It introduces the cultural experience through the eyes of children in the related culture. This perception which creates empathy in the readers towards the heroes of the story, simplifies the ability to deliver to our kids the understanding that, despite cultural diversity, children in different places are all curious, mischievous, honest, sad, happy and sometimes even afraid. Understanding this can dissolve stereotypes that easily go together with the one who is different from you.

The app promotes the acceptance of people who are different from you. It is a great discussion-starter about how people are different and what makes each child special. In those days when we hear ethnocentric views regarding different cultures, a cultural relativistic message to our children has a special significance.

Notable Features included in the App that will enhance your experience:

•26 Stunning 3D computer illustrations and animations
•Original music and authentic sound effects
•3 reading options (auto play, read it to me, read it myself)
•Sweet Indian dessert recipe with full narration
•“Meet the cast" – Meet the heroes of this beautiful story
•surprising, funny and enjoyable interactive features that your child will love- tilt, drag, paint etc
•Available on the app store in both American and British English

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PlaneTree Family Productions

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